IBM VisualAge C++ 3.0

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IBM VisualAge C++ 3.0
Name VisualAge for C++ 3.0
Version 3.0.8 TFP2
Vendor IBM
Licence IPLA

Initial release of the VisualAge C++ product, it gets version number 3 since it is a follow on to the IBM C Set++ for OS/2 package, this was an OS/2 only product with Windows and AIX versions not showing up until v3.5 and 4.


  • ANSI 1992 C++ compliant, supports templates but not namespaces that were introduced in a later ANSI STL standard.
  • Available in German and Japanese in addition to English.

The compiler tool is very robust fully adapted to the needs of generating OS/2 code. However, since it is older than the ANSI C++ standard it does not yet comply to it: Templates are supported, but in a way that is not fully compatible with all code that uses templates, and RTTI (Run Type Type Information) and namespaces are not supported at all.


IBM kept issuing fixes up until 2001 for the compiler which meant that it was in many ways the most stable C toolkit available for OS/2 both in regards to code and app stability, it is for many the most preferred version of the tool especially for driver programming although most application developers that do not need the visual tools that come with 3.0.x prefer using the later 3.6.5.

  • 3.0.6 for the German and Japanese versions
  • 3.0.8-TFP2 for the English version



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IBM Redbooks
  • Carrel-Billiard: Object-Oriented Application Development with VisualAge for C++ for OS/2, SG24-2593-00
  • Alex Gregor; Charles Head: Creating Applications Using the Building-Block Approach VisualAge C++ Edition, SG24-4884-00 (Nov 1996)


VisualAge C++ 3.0 updates

Study the readme text files that comes with the fixpack files, the fixpack files need to be installed in a specific order.