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Software Installer is a CID installation utility for use with OS/2 Version 2.0 and later releases or Microsoft Windows Version 3.1. As a development tool it can be used for building customised installation programs.

  • Program Number 5621-434


  • 1995: 1.2.4
  • 1996: 1.4.1

Product Documentation

Online Books

  • Software Installer, SC34-4515
  • Getting Started with the OS/2 Version, SC34-4516


The Software Installer is used by following IBM products:

Third party products:

  • PMView v2.x



IBM Redbooks
  • Eric Cohen, Alexander Hildmann: Examples of Using Software Installer - GG24-2529-00 (May 1995)
  • OS/2 Installation Techniques: The CID Guide - SG24-4295-01 (May 1996)


  • OS2::SoftInstaller - Perl extension for generation of daughter packages for IBM's Software Installer