IBM SAA AD/Cycle PL/I Package/2

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IBM System Application Architecture (SAA) AD/Cycle PL/I Package/2 (PL/I Package/2) is a SAA application development environment, using OS/2 Version 2 as the operating system.

The product consists of:

  • A 32-bit PL/I Compiler
  • Language Environment for OS/2 - DLLs (Dynamic Link Library)
  • Record Level I/O - DLLs (Dynamic Link Library)

Host communications via IBM OS/2 Extended Services to the S/370:

  • Coax attachment
  • SDLC attachment
  • Token-Ring LAN attachment.


  • 25 Sep 1992 - PL/I Package/2 Release 1
  • 15 Jan 1993 - PL/I Package/2 Release 1.1 - supports DBCS for OS/2J and Workframe/2


Discontinued. IBM commercial product.


  • SC26-8000: WorkFrame/2 Guide
  • SC26-8001: Programming Guide
  • SC26-8002: Messages and Codes
  • SC26-8003: Language Reference
  • GC26-8004: License Information
  • GC26-8005: Fact Sheet
  • SC26-8089: Built-In Functions
  • SX26-3832: Reference Summary
  • SX26-3833: Installation


  • IBM Announcement 292-501 SAA AD/Cycle PL/I Package/2 (1992-09-15)