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GOOD NEWS! IBM has taken the best features of its most popular developer programs and merged them into a single, worldwide program.

The IBM Solution Developer Program (SDP), formed to help companies be more successful in providing customer solutions on IBM platforms (OS/2, AIX, AS/400, and MVS); middleware products such as DB2, CICS, and SystemView; and specific technology areas such as object technology and systems.

We've customized the program to meet your specific needs by focusing on numerous speciality offerings called Partners in Development, such as OS/2 Partners in Development, AS/400 Partners in Development, and Object Connection Partners in Development. You can register for as many of these special interest areas as you wish.

How it works

Types of membership:

  • Commercial Developer Membership (for companies that develop software for the commercial market)
  • Individual Membership (for people registering without company affiliation)

Support is provided for your technical, business, and marketing issues.

Although specific program offerings vary by the type of membership, platform or country, IBM is working to ensure that all solution providers have ready and simplified access to information, tools, and technical support.

Join us on the WWW!

Start by test driving the program areas on the IBM Software Developer Support Home Page at or contact the IBM Solution Developer Program Hotline via:

Fax: 1-770-835-9444
Phone: 1-800-627-8363 (US/Canada) 1-770-835-9902 (Worldwide)

Register Today!

There is something for everyone on our home page, and some things will soon be accessible by registered members only. Take advantage of the IBM Solution Developer Program today!

If you are already a member of an IBM developer support program, your membership will be automatically transferred to the new program. You will be receiving additional information in the near future from your respective Partners in Development program or you may opt to join us online today!

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