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It's an exciting moment when you introduce a new product. But no matter how powerful or valuable the product, if it doesn't offer compatibility in today's desktop or connected environment, customers won't bite.

Fear not! The IBM Product Compatibility Testing Program will help establish visibility and credibility for the products you develop and help you market them too!

What's the Value of Tested Compatibility?

Customers will have the confidence that your products have been tested for compatibility with OS/2 Warp, its clients, servers, and LAN systems. Upon successful completion of testing, you'll be given the use of a compatibility mark to include in your product advertising, brochures, and other marketing materials. In addition, IBM-compatible products qualify for reduced advertising rates in major magazines. IBM will also help market your compatible products by listing them in popular publications, on the Internet, and in CD-ROM format.

Compatibility Program Options

IBM's Product Compatibility Program offers two options for testing - self-tested or IBM-tested:

  • With the self-tested option, you perform the testing yourself following a set of guidelines from IBM that help you test your software with either OS/2 Warp alone or OS/2 Warp combined with OS/2 LAN Server. As an added bonus, IBM will honor your product as having passed the test if it is already installed in a customer account. Passing the test qualifies your product to use either the "Ready for OS/2 Warp" or "Ready for OS/2 Warp LAN Server" compatibility mark to market your product.
  • With the IBM-tested option, your product is tested by IBM specialists in an IBM lab. Products that pass the IBM test declare their compatibility, interoperability, and co-existence with many IBM and non-IBM products. The testing environment is customer-like and resembles a real-world LAN systems setup. These products earn the right to use the "Tested and Approved for OS/2 Warp LAN Systems" mark.

For information about the Product Compatibility Program, in the U.S. and Canada call 1-800-992-4777 or use fax 1-512-838-2473. Questions and Answers are available from 1-800-IBM-4FAX (request document 3657). The program is also available in other geographies. For country specifics, contact a local IBM representative.

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