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Full-featured PL/I compiler for OS/2 including system "header files". Language is compatible with the rest of the "Enterprise" line of PL/I compilers (z/OS, Windows).


Professional Edition

This edition provides the ability to write applications accessing data on MVS, VM, AIX (RS/6000), OS/400, VSE and OS/2 using DB2 database connectivity or in combination with IMS Client Server/2 to access host IMS transactions. Professional Edition is compatible with all earlier releases of IBM SAA AD/Cycle PL/I Package/2 and IBM PL/I Workstation/2.

Personal Edition

Without host connectivity, but provides calls to PM API, C based programss, and REXX procedures.


Additional tools include:

  • PM-GUIDE/2 - visual Presentation Manager screen builder
  • C-to-PL/I conversion tool - translator for C header files into PL/I


  • June 1994 - IBM PL/I for OS/2 Personal Edition V1.1 (10H7819)/ Professional Edition V1.1 (10H7848)
    • PL/I for OS/2 V1.1 CSD #4 (1.1.7)
  • July 1996 - IBM PL/I for OS/2 Professional V1.2 (5639-A83)
    • PL/I for OS/2 V1.2 CSD #4
PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit

Visual PL/I and C2PLI conversion aid

  • July 1994 - IBM PL/I for OS/2 V1.1 - Toolkit (P/N: 1322966)
    • PL/I for OS/2 V1.1 - Toolkit V1.1 CSD #3 (1.1.3)

Replaced in 1998 by IBM VisualAge PL/I Version 2.0.


  • SX26-3832: Reference Summary
  • SX26-3833: Installation
  • GC26-8004: License Information
  • GC26-8005: Fact Sheet
  • SC26-8089: Built-In Functions
  • PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit Reference
Version 1.2
  • Fact Sheet, GC26-8842
  • WorkFrame/2 Guide, SC26-8000-01
  • Programming Guide, SC26-8001-01
  • Messages and Codes, SC26-8002-01
  • Language Reference, SC26-8003-01


  • IBM RedBook: GG24-2501-00 - PL/I for OS/2 PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit: Visual PL/I CODE/370 PL/I Support


  • IBM Software Announcement: 294-338 - IBM PL/I for OS/2 Version 1 Release 1 — Professional and Personal Editions
  • PL/I for OS/2 Code