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The IBM LAN Adapter and Protocol Support (LAPS), Network Transport Services/2 (NTS/2), and the DOS LAN Support Program (LSP) are the communications subsystems for IBM OS/2 and DOS products that require LAN connectivity. LAPS is included in the following products:

  • Extended Services 1.0 (with or without Database Manager);
  • LAN Server 2.0 (Entry or Advanced);
  • LAN Enabler 2.0;
  • TCP/IP v. 1.2.1;
  • LAN Server 3.0 (Entry or Advanced) and NTS/2 1.0.

In LAPS, NTS/2 and LSP, the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) architected interface has been implemented for enabling NDIS Media Access Control (MAC) Device Drivers. This will allow the support of IEEE 802.5, 802.3, and Ethernet DIX Version 2.0 NDIS MAC drivers. This includes support for Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, PCnet, and other architected network technologies.

If your organization has an adapter that you want supported on a platform containing the IBM LAPS and LSP, you will have to provide the NDIS MAC Device Driver for that adapter, and a Network Information File (NIF) for the install process. For OS/2 it is strongly recommended that a message file and message help file also be included.

Enclosed in this package are documents that are designed to assist you in the implementation of a new NDIS MAC Device Driver, or the conversion of an existing NDIS MAC Device Driver. These documents include the following:

For more extensive assistance in developing an NDIS MAC driver for use with IBM LAPS and LSP, the DWB Associates NDIS Device Driver Toolkit for OS/2 and DOS is available from DWB Associates, Inc. In addition to the documents you receive in this Information Package, the Tool Kit contains additional programming guides for writing NDIS MAC drivers and diskettes containing a sample driver, testing tools, test tool scripts, and a trace tool for debugging.

For information regarding the price and availability of the Tool Kit, contact DWB Associates, Inc., 9360 SW Gemini Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005, 503-626-3081.

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**  Microsoft LAN Manager is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

Any reference to the NDIS Specification in products or documentation developed from this Implementation Package must contain the appropriate copyright and trademark acknowledgements.

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