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IBM Macro Assembler/2 was IBM's version of the Microsoft Macro Assembler specifically modified to support OS/2 and still PC DOS.

  • Program number: 5604-062
  • Part number: 95X3068
  • Date of announcement: 1987-11-03
  • Date of availability:
  • End of Service: 1998-03-16

It is based on Microsoft Macro Assembler version 4.x and lacks features introduced later with MASM 5 such as Simplified Segment Directives, thus it pre-dates and differs slightly from the Microsoft version 5.1 that was the first OS/2 capable MASM from Microsoft.

Later toolkits included by the IBM Assembly Language Processor which offers MASM compatibility.


  • 1987: IBM Macro Assembler/2 Version 1.00

The IBM Macro Assembler/2 package consists of the following publications and diskettes:

  • Volume 1
    • Compile, Link and Run Manual
    • Fundamentals Manual
    • 2 x 3.5" 720 Kb diskettes
  • Volume 2
    • Language Reference Manual


IBM Announcements
  • ZP87-4038 - 1987-04-02 - IBM Macro Assembler/2
  • ZP87-4132 - 1987-11-03 - IBM Macro Assembler/2 (Availability)