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The OS/2 IPFC (Operating System/2 Information Presentation Facility Compiler) is a tool for generating online information and help books (*.inf, *.hlp). It is part of several development packages.

Products shipping with IPFC
  • IBM OS/2 Programmer's Toolkit
  • IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2
  • IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4
  • IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2
  • Watcom C/C++ 11.0


IPFC [-switch]... [-option]... infile [outfile]


Compiles the source file as an online document
Suppresses the performance of the search function
Generates and displays a cross-reference list


  • W:level - Warning level
  • D:countrycode - Country code
  • C:codepage - Character code page
  • L:language - Language ID

Environment variables

IPFCARTWORK=artwork and linkfile path (used for :artwork.)
IPFCIMBED=imbed file path (used for .im)
IPFC=IPFC file path (location of APSY*.APS, IPF*.NLS)
TMP=temporary file path


Date Version Size Comments
1989 1.00 21,648 B
1992-02-04 21,744 B CSD XR05053
1993-04-07 2.1
1995-07-05 3.00.008
1996-11-14 4.00.005
2000-11-29 4.00.007 227,184 B


Commercial product


  • Information Presentation Facility Guide and Reference (IBM OS/2 2.0 Technical Library)
  • G25H-7110-00: IBM OS/2 Warp IPF Programming Guide