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by Judith A. Courter

Does your hardware support the OS/2 operating system? Are you writing device drivers for your own or other company's hardware? Now, writing device drivers for OS/2 has been made easier with the release of the IBM Device Driver Source Kit for OS/2 (DDK).

Imagine a kit containing over 80MB of complete, buildable source code of actual OS/2 2.1 device drivers - not just samples! Then imagine that this code comes with great support directly from the OS/2 Driver Development Support Center. Well, that's exactly what the DDK program provides for you.

This article describes the contents of Version 1.0. The next update is planned to be release within the next 2 months.

Device Driver Source Code Contained in the DDK

The DDK contains the full source code for OS/2 2.1 drivers for the following devices:

Displays Printers
SCSI Diskettes
Keyboards Mouse
Serial Communications 8516 Touch Devices
Pen for OS/2 MMPM/2

Verification Test Tools Contained in the DDK

In addition to all the device driver source code, the DDK gives you the following verification test tools:

Displays the hardware palette in a PM window. Used to debug palette manager enabled PM display drivers.
Performs general palette manager testing for PM display drivers.
Display test tool that performs tests for all mandatory graphics rendering engine (GRE) functions for display drivers.
Printer test tool that performs tests for all mandatory GRE functions for printer drivers.
Pen for OS/2 test tool that is used to call and test the Pen for OS/2 device driver. It provides a means to control and query all aspects of the Pen for OS/2 device driver.
MMPM/2 audio device driver exerciser tool that allows exercising the functions in MMPM/2 Audio Device Drivers at the stream programming interface (SPI) API level.
MMPM/2 P2 string test tool that allows testing of the MMPM/2 system at the media control interface (MCI) API level.

Online Documentation Contained in the DDK

Use the OS/2 VIEW command or open the IBM DDK folder to view the many books that are available online. Take a few moments to browse through all the information that is shipped with the product. We provide everything from general information to references on all the supported device drivers. If, however, you would like a hardcopy of any of the books, simply order them through the DDK order number.

Ease of Installation

The IBM Device Driver Source Kit for OS/2 is available on a CD-ROM. Install the DDK directly from your CD-ROM root directory. The installation allows for selected installation or installation of the entire kit. For example, you can install just the printer drivers, the common files, build tools, or printer documentation. As components are selected from the Install directories panel, the bytes needed appear by the installation program that identifies an approximation of the number of bytes of free space, including Installation program work files, that will be required to perform an installation on a drive formatted FAT. When installing on an HPFS formatted drive, significantly less space is required.

OS/2 Driver Development Support

Signing up for the IBM DDK entitles you to become a member of the OS/2 Driver Development Support Center (DDSC). Do this by connecting to the IBM DDSC Team. This team provides worldwide support for all device driver developers. Send your technical development questions using a PC and modem.

You can reach the DDSC computer system by dialing up (407) 982-3217. After self-registration, you have limited access to the system. Additional information on DDSC operations and system operations are presented on the system. Within 24 hours, you are contacted and, following verification of the registration information, are granted full access to the system.

Future Plans

It doesn't end here! This is not just a kit, it is a program. As new OS/2 device drivers become available, and as enhancements and fixes to existing drivers are made, they will be packaged and distributed to those who sign up for the program. The program entitles you to all updates made available within one year from ordering the DDK.

Special Promo Offer

Don't miss out! For a limited time you can acquire the DDK CD-ROM for a one-time charge of ony $149.00 as a program product or $59.00 as a single issue. (The $149.00 price includes all updates for one year.) This is a savings from the $499.00 regular price. This offer ends September 22, 1993. Call today to become a member of the DDK program:


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