IBM Developer Connection Volume 5

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Developer Connection for OS/2 Volume 5

Disc 1 - PN:83G9647
Disc 2 - PN:83G9648

Content List

E Excerpts
I IBM-developed software
P Pre-release software
R Release-level products
demo Demonstration products

Volume 5 of The Developer Connection for OS/2 CD-ROM includes limited licenses to the products listed below.


Development Tools

  • cPost: Typesets C Programs in PostScript (I)
  • Synaptec, Inc.: The Object Factory - IDL (Demo)
  • ImageMark Software Labs, Inc.: ImageStream Graphics Filters for OS/2
  • IBM: Kernel Debugger for OS/2 for SMP 2.11
  • lp3820: Print AFP files on a personal laser printer (I)
  • lp382f: Raster fonts for use with lp3820 (I)
  • IBM PL/I for OS/2 - Professional Edition
  • IBM PL/I for OS/2 - Toolkit
  • Quercus Systems: REXXLIB (Demo)
  • Succinet Systems, Inc.: SizeIt (Demo)
  • IBM: The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 for SMP v2.11 Update
  • IBM: Interactive Tutorial/2 (P)
  • UCMenu: a toolbar control for OS/2 PM application (I)
  • IBM Visualizer Charts for OS/2
  • IBM Visualizer Development for OS/2
  • IBM Visualizer Query for OS/2


  • RimStar Programmer's Editor (Demo)

Multimedia Tools

  • IBM VisualAge Multimedia Feature for OS/2
  • VPoker: A MMPM video poker game for OS/2 (I)

Product Overviews

  • IBM VisualGen (Demo)
  • ADCycle: The Integrated Reasoning Shell Development/2 (Demo)

Productivity Tools

  • COLORPT: A program that continually reports the color (I)
  • IBM: DataGuide/2 Administrator
  • IBM: FormTalk for OS/2
  • Capstone Software: SpaceMap Lite for OS/2
  • IBM: VisualAge for OS/2 (Demo)

Source Code

  • AIXLIKE Source: OS/2 versions of popular unix utilities (source code) (I)

Source Code from The Developer Connection News

  • Volume V: Fonts R Us (I)
  • Volume V: Making Your OS/2 Device Driver APM Aware (I)

On-line Documentation

  • Wiley Professional Computing, The Art Of OS/2 Programming by K. Panov, L. Salomon, A. Panov (E)
  • Van Nostrand Reinhold, OS/2 2.1 Application Programming Guide by Kelly, Swearingen, Bezvier, Shrader (E)
  • IBM: Communications Manager/2 Books
  • IBM: Debug Kernel 2.x References for WARP Beta 2 Toolkit
  • IBM: GPI Graphics Guide and References
  • IBM: IPF Reference for WARP Beta 2 Toolkit
  • IBM: OS/2 Bidirectional Language Support Development Guide
  • IBM: Tools Reference for WARP Beta 2 Toolkit
  • IBM: WorkPlace Shell References


Communication Tools

  • IBM: Communications Manager/2


  • IBM DATABASE 2 OS/2 Single-User V1.2 (DB2/2)

Development Tools

  • ALPHA: a code analysis and browse program (I)
  • IBM: Kernel Debugger for Warp Beta II 2.99
  • IBM: OpenGL on OS/2 (Demo)
  • IBM: XPG/4 Internationalization Library (P)


  • CustEPM: Acustomized version of Enhanced Editor (I)
  • IBM: EPM Enhanced Editor
  • IBM: EPMBETA A 32-bit version of EPM (P)


  • IBM Warp Beta II 2.99 (P)

Multimedia Tools

  • CD Explorer: A compact disc audio explorer (I)

Productivity Tools

  • ExCal: WPS-enabled calendar
  • ManyClip: Multiple clipboard utility (I)
  • Megadesk: A virtual desktop expander (I)
  • PmDraw: PM Presentation Graphics (I)
  • IBM SearchManager/2 (Demo)
  • Capstone Software: SpaceMap for OS/2 (Demo)


  • IBM WorkFrame/2 2.1 CSD2

Source Code

  • IBM: A collection of Workplace Shell samples (P)

On-line Documentation

  • IBM Debug Kernel 2.x References
  • IBM Information Presentation Facility Reference

Developer Connection News