IBM Developer Connection Volume 1

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E Excerpts
I IBM-developed software
P Pre-release software
R Release-level products
demo Demonstration products

Volume 1 of the Developer Connection CD includes limited licenses to the following products:


  • BITMAP32: A 32-bit bitmap viewer (I)
  • Bitmap Samples: Samples of Developer Connection bitmaps (I)

Communication Tools

  • APPC Games: A collection of three games - CYCLES, REVERSI, MANDPM (I)
  • APPC Utilities: A collection of six APPC command-line utilities (I)
  • IBM: Communications Manager for OS/2 Applications (single user) (P)
  • IBM: Communications Manager for OS/2 (single user) (P)
  • DBMRPW: A database manager remote password administrator utility (I)
  • DIRSTAT: A PM application that displays LAN adapter information (I)
  • IBM: Networking Services/DOS (P)
  • PMFTERM: An OS/2 asynchronous emulation and file transfer utility (I)
  • IBM: TCP/IP (P)

Development Tools

  • IBM:
    • 32BIT - 32-Bit OS/2 Toolkit Utilities (P)
    • CICS OS/2 v2.0 (P)
    • DLGEDIT - Dialog Editor enhanced for Pen for OS/2 Support (P)
    • Graphics Interface Kit/2 (demo)
    • Kernel Debugger (R)
    • The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1
    • Pen for OS/2 Developer's Toolkit (R)
    • IBM PL/I Workstation/2 (P)
    • SAA CUA Controls Library/2 (P)
    • WPSHELL: A collection of Workplace Shell samples (P)
  • IBM internal
    • ALPHA: A code browser and analysis program (I)
    • ASDT32: An application/system 32-bit debug utility (I)
    • CTFORMAT: A code and text formatter (I)
    • EDITINI: An OS/2 text editor for .INI and profile files (I)
    • HEXDUMP: A hexadecimal display and conversion utility (I)
    • IBROW: An image browser utility (I)
    • IPFCREP: A preprocessor for the IPF compiler (I)
    • RXAPPC: REXX Communication APIs (I)
    • RXMATHFC: A REXX DLL with C-language math functions (I)
    • RXNETB: REXX APIs for the OS/2 NetBIOS (I)
    • Visual REXX: A library of REXX functions that provide a PM interface (I)
  • Data Access: DataFlex v3.0 (demo)
  • Transcendetal Automation: LR v1.0 (demo)
  • Softbridge: Softbridge Basic Language (Demo)
  • HockWare: VisPro/REXX v1.0 (demo)


  • IBM: EPM - Enhanced Editor (P)
  • IBM: HyperWrite (P)
  • MicroEdge: SlickEdit v2.3 (demo)
  • TINYED: A tiny OS/2 and DOS Editor (I)


  • IBM: OS/2 2.1 (demo)

Multimedia Tools

  • CD Explorer: A compact-disk audio explorer (I)
  • IBM:
    • MMPM/2 v1.0 Toolkit and Base (R)
    • MMPM/2 v1.1 Base (R)
    • MMPM/2 v1.1 Toolkit (R)
    • Multimedia Ultimotion (Video IN) (P)
  • BOCASoft
    • BOCASoft System Sounds v1.0 (demo)
    • BOCASoft WipeOut v1.0 (demo)

Productivity Tools

  • BOOTOS2: An OS/2 bootable diskette creation utility (I)
  • DINFO: A swapper file monitor (I)
  • FORBROWS: A forum browser (I)
  • GPSCLOCK: A digital clock for your desktop (I)
  • GSEE: A file search utility and batch file builder (I)
  • MAGNIFY: An OS/2 desktop magnifier (I)
  • OS20MEMU: An OS/2 memory utilization utility (I)
  • PMDRAW: An OS/2 graphics editor (I)
  • PMGlobe: A display of planet Earth as a globe (I)
  • PMTIMER: An OS/2 Program Timer (I)
  • PMTREE: A graphical display of PM windows (I)
  • QCONFIG: A system configuration display utility (I)
  • UTIL2: AIX-like utilities for OS/2 (I)
  • VIEWALL: An OS/2 program that displays all OS/2 books on the bookshelf (I)
  • Arcadia Technologies: Workplace Companion v1.53 (demo)

Test Tools

  • Softbridge
    • Automated Test Facility Workstation and ATF Networked (demo)
  • IBM
    • PMATE - Automated Test Environment (P)
    • WITT - Workstation Interactive Test Tool (demo)


  • Van Nostrand Reinhold (excerpts)
    • The OS/2 2.1 Corporate Programmer's Handbook, by Nora Sholin, Martin Sullivan, Robin Scragg
    • Using Workplace OS/2, by Lori Brown, Jeff Howard
    • Writing OS/2 2.1 Device Drivers in C, by Steven J. Mastrianni
  • Wiley Professional Computing (excerpt)
    • Designing OS/2 Applications by David Reich
  • ITSO
    • OS/2 2.1 Technical Update
    • Red Book Volume 1: Control Program
    • Red Book Volume 2: DOS and Windows Environments
  • IBM Toolkit
    • OS/2 Command Reference
    • Application Design Guide
    • CP Guide and Reference
    • PM Programming Reference
    • Tools Reference
    • Virtual Device Driver Reference
    • IPF Reference
    • REXX User's Guide
    • REXX Reference
    • Presentation Driver Reference
    • Debug Kernel Reference
    • PM Programming Guide Volume 1,2,3
    • SOM Reference
  • Communications Manager/2:
    • ACDI Programming Reference
    • Application Programming Guide
    • Command Reference
    • Message Reference
    • Overview
    • Problem Determination Guide