IBM Developer Connection Release 2 Volume 5

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Articles and white papers
  • Creating a database application using WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Do you hear what I hear? Create applications with speech recognition and synthesis using IBM Speech for Java
  • Eclipse Platform Technical Overview
  • Getting to know WebSphere Studio Application Developer - Its capabilities, technologies, and relationship to the open-source Eclipse IDE
  • IBM Video Central for e-business: Business Rationale, Requirements, Web Services Description, Web Services Privacy, Security and Accuracy
  • Improve modularity with aspect-oriented programming - AspectJ brings AOP to the Java language
  • Open wide the portal - Deliver personalized Web pages to devices of all types
  • Rock 'em, sock 'em Robocode! Learning Java programming is more fun than ever with this advanced robot battle simulation engine
  • Sample Application using Web Services on WebSphere
  • The Go-ForIt Chronicles: Memoirs of eXtreme DragonSlayers
  • Web Services Development and Deployment with IBM Tools and Technologies
Database and data management products
  • Emerging Database and Data Management Technology Code and Tools from alphaWorks
  • IBM DB2 Table Editor V 4.2 for Multiplatforms and iSeries Evaluation
  • IBM DB2 Life Sciences Data Connect V7.2 for Multiplatforms (NEW; E131)
  • IBM DB2 Spatial Extender Version 7.2
Documentation and publications
  • Java technologies
    • Creating and using JavaScript objects Tutorial (NEW; G; P51)
  • XML technologies
    • Developling VoiceXML Applications Tutorial (NEW; G; P51)
Internet technologies
  • Java technologies
    • Emerging Java Code and Tools from alphaWorks (NEW; G; P51)
    • IBM OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java(TM) 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3 (NEW; P43)
    • Install Toolkit for Java (NEW; P43 CD-only)
    • Jinsight (TRIAL; NEW; P43 CD-only)
    • Logging Toolkit for Java (NEW; P43 CD-only)
    • NotesBuddy (NEW; P43 CD-only)
    • Robocode (NEW; P51 CD-only)
  • Lotus Domino Server Release 5.0.9a for OS/2, English Edition (NEW; P44)
  • Lotus Domino.Doc R3.1 for Multiplatforms - Japanese
Magazines and journals
  • IBM DeveloperToolbox Technical Magazine - October 2001 (Japanese translation)
  • Database and data management products
    • Building the Operational Data Store on DB2 UDB Using IBM Data Replication, WebSphere MQ Family, and DB2 Warehouse Manager (NEW; G; P51)
  • Domino
    • Lotus Domino R5 Clustering with IBM eserver xSeries and Netfinity Servers (NEW; G; P51)
  • e-business
    • IBM Framework for e-business: Technology, Solution, and Design Overview (NEW; G; P51)
  • General
    • IBM Web-to-Host Integration Solutions (NEW; G; P51)
  • Lotus
    • IBM Redbooks Lotus Collection (NEW; P51)
  • IBM DB2 Version 7.2 Sybase Migration Toolkit Beta (G Web-only)
  • IBM Object REXX for AIX V1.1.0 (NEW; P50)
  • IBM Object REXX for Windows V2.1.0 Development Edition (NEW; P50)
  • IBM Object REXX for Windows V2.1.0 Interpreter Edition (NEW; P50)
  • Emerging Utilities Code and Tools from alphaWorks (NEW; G; P51)
Web services
  • Business Explorer for Web Services (TRIAL; NEW; G; P43)
  • Emerging Web Services Code and Tools from alphaWorks (NEW; G; P51)
  • Web Services Gateway (TRIAL; NEW; G; P43)
  • Web Services Hosting Technology (TRIAL; NEW; G; P43)
  • Web Services Toolkit V3.01 (TRIAL; NEW; G; P43)
  • XSLerator (TRIAL; NEW; G; P43)
  • IBM WebSphere Personalization V4.0 for Multiplatforms
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Enable Solution V2.1.1 for Multiplatforms
Wireless technologies
  • Emerging Wireless Technology Code and Tools from alphaWorks
XML technologies
  • Emerging XML Code and Tools from alphaWorks (NEW; G; P51)