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Disc A2 - PN:CD78GNA
Disc M14 - PN:CD74KNA

Content (OS/2-realated)

Articles and white papers

  • Articles
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server architecture (NEW; G; M23)
    • Migrating EDMSuite ImagePlus VisualInfo V2.4 from OS/2 to Windows NT (NEW; M23)


  • Communications products
    • IBM TranslationManager V2.6 (TRIAL; NEW; M25)
    • SecureWay Communications Server for OS/2 Warp, V6 (NEW; P57)
    • SecureWay Host On-Demand V4 (NEW; P60)
  • Compilers
  • Database and data management products
    • DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition, Version 6.1 for OS/2 Warp (NEW; P32)
    • DB2 Connect Personal Edition, Version 6.1 for OS/2 Warp (NEW; P28)
    • DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition, Version 6.1 for OS/2 Warp (NEW; P34)
    • DB2 Universal Database Personal Edition, Version 6.1 for OS/2 Warp (NEW; P29)
    • DB2 Universal Database Workgroup Edition, Version 6.1 for OS/2 Warp (NEW; P30)
    • DB2 Version 6.1 Administration Clients for the OS/2 Warp and Windows Operating Environments (NEW; P37)
    • DB2 Version 6.1 Run-Time Clients for the OS/2 Warp and Windows Operating Environments (NEW; P38)
    • DB2 Version 6.1 Software Developer's Kit for the OS/2 Warp and Windows Operating Environments (NEW; P39)
    • DB2 Version 6.1 Universal Database Extenders for the OS/2 Warp and Windows Operating Environments (NEW; P36)
    • Net.Data for OS/2, AIX, Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux, Version 6.1 (NEW; P39)

Development management tools

  • Directory and security server and products
    • IBM SecureWay Directory Client SDK V3.1.1 for Multiplatforms (NEW; M26)


  • Documentation and publications
    • Database and data management products
      • DB2 Version 6.1 Manuals in PostScript format for the OS/2 Warp and Windows Operating Environments (NEW; G; M23)
    • DCE
      • DCE Application Dev. Guide (G; M1)
      • DCE Application Dev. Ref. Part I: Threads and RPC (G; M1)
      • DCE Application Dev. Ref. Part II: DTS, Security, and DCE Routines (G; M1)
    • Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4
    • Toolkit
      • Assembly Language Processor Reference Guide
      • Bidirectional Language Programming Guide
      • C Library Reference
      • Control Program Guide and Ref., Part 1 - 3
      • GPI Programming Guide and Reference, Part 1 - 4
      • IPF Programming Guide and Reference
      • Kernel Debugger Reference
      • Multimedia Programming Reference, Part 1 - 3
      • Object REXX Programming Guide
      • Open32 Programming Guide and Reference
      • OpenGL Programming Reference
      • OS/2 Tools Reference
      • PM Programming Guide and Reference, Part 1 - 5
      • Problem Determination Programmer's Guide
      • Speech API Reference
      • System Object Model Programming Guide
      • System Object Model Programming Reference
      • SystemView Agent DMI Programmer's Guide
      • SystemView Agent DPI Programmer's Guide
      • TCP/IP Programming Reference V4.1
      • Unicode Programming Reference
      • Universal Resource Editor User's Guide
      • Using Your Toolkit
      • Workplace Shell Programming Guide
      • Workplace Shell Programming Reference, Part 1 - 3
    • e-business
      • IBM Suites for e-business specification sheet
    • Internet tools
      • CORBA Support Guide
      • eNetwork Dispatcher Version 2.0 Olympic-scale TCPIP Load-Balancing and Availability
      • IBM eNetwork Firewall for AIX Reference Guide Version 3.2.2
      • IBM eNetwork Firewall for AIX User's Guide Version 3.2.2
      • IBM eNetwork Firewall for Windows NT Reference Guide Version 3.3
      • IBM eNetwork Firewall for Windows NT User's Guide Version 3.3
      • IBM techexplorer Hypermedia Browser for Windows 95/NT User's Guide
      • IBM Web Traffic Express for Multiplatforms Webmaster's Guide Version 3.0
      • IBM WebSphere Application CORBA Support Guide
      • IBM WebSphere Application Server Guide
      • Lotus Domino Go Webserver Docs - Quick Beginnings for HP-UX
      • Lotus Domino Go Webserver Docs - Quick Beginnings for OS/2 Warp
      • Lotus Domino Go Webserver Docs - Quick Beginnings for Solaris
      • Net.Data Programming Guide
      • Net.Data V2.0 Beta Administration and Programming Guide
      • Net.Data V2.0 Beta Language Environment Reference
      • Net.Data V2.0 Beta Reference
      • NetObjects Authoring Server 3.0 Authoring Server and Administrator Guide
      • NetObjects TeamFusion Client 3.0 Getting Started
      • NetObjects TeamFusion Client 3.0 User Guide
      • ServletExpress Web Programmer's Guide
      • Spatch User Manual (The Hyde Company)
      • Webmaster's Guide for ServletExpress
    • Java
      • IBM SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4 at a glance (NEW)
    • MQSeries Server and Products
      • An Introduction to Messaging and Queueing
      • Application Programming Guide
      • Application Programming Reference
      • Application Programming Reference Summary
      • Clients
      • Command Reference
      • Intercommunication
      • Messages
      • MQSeries Workflow Version 3.2 Documentation (NEW)
      • Planning Guide
      • Programmable System Management
      • System Administration
      • Using C++
    • Network Computing Framework
      • NCF Architecture Workbook
    • NLS
      • Multi-Language Computing, a National Language Structure
      • National Language Design Guide, Bidi Guide
      • National Language Design Guide, Designing Enabled Products Vol. 1
      • National Language Support Reference Manual, Vol. 2


  • ADSM for OS/2 Administrator's Reference
  • ADSM for OS/2 Quick Start
  • ADSM Using the OS/2 Backup-Archive Client
  • AnyNet for OS/2 Configuration Guide
  • AnyNet for OS/2 Error Messages and Problem Determination Guide
  • AnyNet for OS/2 Programmer's Reference
  • Application Design Guide
  • Choosing the Right Storage Management Solution
  • CID-Enabled Applications
  • Code Server Setup (CASSETUP) User Guide
  • Configuration, Installation, and Distribution (CID) Enabling Guidelines
  • DatagLANce User's Guide
  • DBCS Design Guide and Information for OS/2 Warp 4 Programming
  • DCE RPC as a DB2 for OS/2 and a DB2 for AIX
  • DCE: Understanding DCE Concepts
  • Designing High Powered OS/2 Warp Applications
  • DHCP and Dynamic IP Client Administration Guide
  • Dial Services Interface
  • Distributed Objects: Design Tips
  • Distributed Performance of IBM DCE for OS/2
  • Distribution Class Library Reference
  • DOS LAN Services User's Guide
  • Essential Distributed Objects Survival Guide (John Wiley & Sons Co.)
  • Event Trace User's Guide
  • IBM Advanced ANDIS Specification
  • IBM AnyNet/2 Guide to SNA TCP/IP
  • IBM AnyNet/2 Guide to Sockets over SNA
  • IBM DCE Client for Windows Performance
  • IBM DCE for OS/2: Guide to Planning, Installation, and Configuration
  • IBM DCE for OS/2: Key Function Performance
  • IBM DCE Heterogeneous Enterprise Performance
  • IBM LAN Server Commands and Utilities
  • IBM LAN Technical Reference
  • IBM NetView for OS/2 Agents Guide
  • IBM NetView for OS/2 Developer's Guide
  • IBM NetView for OS/2 Installation and Administration Guide
  • IBM NetView for OS/2 User's Guide
  • IBM Network Centric Computing (NCC) and the Open Blueprint
  • IBM OS/2 Multimedia Installation and Configuration Guide
  • IBM PC LAN Program Migration Guide
  • IBM Query Manager Programming Guide and Reference
  • IBM Query Manager User's Guide and Exercises
  • IBM TCP/IP V2.0 for OS/2: Programmer's Reference
  • IBM TCP/IP V2.0 for OS/2: X Window System Client Guide
  • IBM User's Guide to OS/2 Warp
IBM Writing for an International Audience
LAN CID Utility Guide V1.1
LAN Server Product Strategy
LAN Server System Builders Product List
LAN Server Ultimedia
LAN Systems API Implementation Guidelines
LAN Technical Reference: Ethernet Adapter Interface
LAN Technical Reference: Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster Interface
LAN Technical Reference: Token-Ring Network Adapter Interface
LAN Technical Reference: Token-Ring Network LANStreamer Adapters
  • Linear eXecutable Module Format (LX)
  • MAKEDCE User's Guide
  • Memory Debugging for C and C++ Programs
  • MPTS Configuration Guide
  • MPTS Error Messges
  • MPTS Programmer's Reference
  • MPTS Service Guide
  • Multimedia Application Programming Guide
  • Multimedia Subsystem Programming Guide
  • NetView DM/2 Quick Help (1 of 2)
  • NetView DM/2 Quick Help (2 of 2)
  • Network Administrator Tasks
  • NetWork Door/2
  • Network SignON Coordinator/2
  • Open Scripting Architecture, Part 1 & 2
  • OS/2 & LAN Systems Development Tools Guide
  • OS/2 Bidirectional Language Support Developer's Guide and Reference
  • OS/2 DCE 2.1 Beta: Slim Client Options
  • OS/2 DCE: Multiuser Application Performance
  • OS/2 Debugging Handbook 0.7a
  • OS/2 LAN Requester User's Guide
  • OS/2 LAN Server Commands and Utilities
  • OS/2 Server Family Programming Reference
  • OS/2 Warp Appl. Primer featuring XPG4
  • OS/2 Warp Dynamic DNS Implementation Guide
  • OS/2 Warp Server Performance Highlights
  • OS/2 Warp Uncensored
  • Procedures Language 2/REXX User's Guide
  • SMP Programming Addendum
  • TeamConnection for OS/2 V2.0 Messages
  • The Art of OS/2 2.1 C Programming (John Wiley & Sons Co.)
  • Top Tips for LAN Server 3.0 Performance
  • Tuning IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0
  • VENDOR - Administrative Reference - V1.80
  • VoiceType Developer's Toolkit API Reference

Transaction server and products

  • CICS Client Administration V2.0.4
  • CICS Clients Gateways V2.0.3
  • CICS Clients Messages V2.0.4
  • CICS Family: Client/Server Programming
  • CICS Family: OO Programming in BASIC for CICS Clients
  • CICS Family: OO Programming in C++ for CICS Clients

FAQs and HATs

Frequently Asked Java Programming Questions
Frequently Asked VisualAge for Java Questions
Lotus Domino Tips 1.0
Network Computing Framework Tips 1.0
WebSphere Application Server Frequently Asked Questions


  • DB2 v6.1 FixPak 1a
  • IBM VisualAge PL/I V2.1 for OS/2 CSD #2
  • OS/2 Warp 3 FixPak XR0W040
  • OS/2 Warp 4 FixPak XR_M010
  • The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp 4.0 Update (CSD4)

Internet tools

  • Building Web Solutions using VisualAge for Java and WebSphere (Demo)
  • IBM Neighborhood Browser Enabler for OS/2 Warp Server
  • IBM NetObjects TopPage
  • IBM PerfectPhoto
  • IBM WebSphere Studio Version 3.0 Entry Edition
  • Lotus Domino Go Webserver for OS/2 (40-bit) (TRIAL)
  • Netscape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2 Warp
  • Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Plug-in Pack 1.02
  • OS/2 Plug-in Pack V2.1 (M7)

Java tools

  • Bean Markup Language (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • DataCraft (TRIAL; NEW; M3)
  • Dynamic XML for Java (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • IBM OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java(TM) Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8
  • IBM OS/2 Warp Runtime Environment, Java(TM) Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8
  • Install Toolkit for Java v1.47 (TRIAL; NEW; M23)
  • IRC Client for Java (TRIAL; M18 CD-only)
  • JAX v60 (TRIAL; NEW; M23)
  • LotusXSL v0.18 (TRIAL; NEW; M23)
  • NetObjects BeanBuilder 1.0 (Trial) (TRIAL; G; M9)
  • P3P Parser (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • PatML (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • PKCS11 API for Java (G; M15)
  • Power Booster (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • RDF for XML (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • Speech Markup Language (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • TaskGuide Viewer (TRIAL; NEW; M23)
  • Xeena V1.0.2 (TRIAL; NEW; M18)
  • XML BeanMaker (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • XML C++ (TRIAL; M8 CD-only)
  • XML EditorMaker (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • XML Parser for C++ (NEW; M23)
  • XML Parser for Java v2.0.15 (TRIAL; NEW; M23)
  • XML Productivity Kit for Java (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • XML Translator Generator (TRIAL; NEW; M8)
  • XML Viewer (TRIAL; NEW; M23)

MQSeries Server and Products

  • MQSeries for OS/2 Warp, V5.1
  • MQSeries V5.1 Clients
  • MQSeries Workflow Version 3.2

Newsletters and magazines

  • The Developer Connection News
    • Release 1 Volume 12
    • Release 1 Volume 12SE
  • The Developer Connection Technical Magazine
    • June '97
    • September 97
    • December '97
    • March '98
    • June '98 / June '98 (Japanese translation)
    • September '98 / September '98 (Japanese translation)
    • December '98 / December '98 (Japanese translation)
    • March '99 / March '99 (Japanese translation)
    • June '99
    • July '99
    • September '99

Operating Systems and extensions

  • OS/2 Security Enabling Services (SES)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (386 HPFS PAK)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Application Servers)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Base Server)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Client Pack Disk 1)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Client Pack Disk 2)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (French Client Pack Disk 2)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Installation CD)
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (Netfinity)
  • OS/2 Warp V4
  • TCP/IP Version 4.1 for OS/2


  • DCE
    • Administering IBM DCE and DFS V2.1 for AIX and OS/2 Clients
    • DCE Cell Design Considerations
    • Developing DCE Applications for AIX, OS/2 and Windows
    • IBM DSS & DCE Cross-Platform Guide
    • Security on the Web Using DCE Technology
    • Understanding OSF DCE 1.1 for AIX and OS/2
  • Development management tools
    • TeamConnection and WorkFrame Integration
    • TeamConnection Unleashed
  • e-business
    • A Practical Guide to Network Storage Manager
  • General
   A Technology Demonstration
   Anatomy of Smart Agent - IBM Systems Monitor (G; M1)
   Application Development with VisualAge for Java Enterprise (G; M2)
   IBM Automated Tape Library: A Practical Guide (G; M1)
   IBM Connectivity Guide (G; M1)
   IBM Enterprise Storage Server (NEW; G; M23)
   Image and Workflow Library: Advanced Workflow Solutions Using IBM FlowMark (NEW; G; M23)
   Implementing SnapShot (NEW; G; M23)
   Intelligent Miner for Data: Enhance Your Business Intelligence (NEW; G; M23)
   Introduction to the IBM Application Development Team Suite (G; M2)
   LDAP Implementation Cookbook (NEW; G; M23)
   Load Balancing eNetwork Communications Servers (NEW; G; M23)
   Lotus Notes R4 in a Multiplatform Environment (G; M1)
   Making Your IMS Ready for Year 2000: Migrating to IMS Version 5 (NEW; G; M23)
   Network Products Reference (NEW; G; M23)
   Object-Based GUI Application Development (G; M1)
   Object-Oriented Databases-ObjectStore (G; M1)
   Redbooks Overview (G; M1)
   Universal Management Agent: Functions and Integration (NEW; G; M23)
  • Internet tools
    • A Comprehensive Guide To Virtual Private Networks, Volume II: IBM Nways Router Solutions
    • A Guide to the Internet Connection Servers
    • Accessing CICS Business Applications from World Wide Web
    • Accessing the Internet
    • Beyond DHCP - Work Your TCP/IP Internetwork with Dynamic IP
    • Building the Infrastructure for the Internet
    • Firewall Building with IBM Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway
    • From Client/Server to Network Computing, A Migration to Domino
    • Guarding the Gates Using the IBM eNetwork Firewall V3.3 for Windows NT
    • IBM WebSphere Performance Pack for Multiplatforms, V3.0 Getting Started
    • IBM WebSphere Performance Pack Usage and Administration
    • Integrating Net.Commerce with Legacy Applications
    • Internet Application Development with MQSeries and Java
    • Internet Security in the Network Computing Framework
    • Load-Balancing Internet Servers
    • Revealed! CICS Transaction Gateway with More CICS Clients Unmasked
    • Safe Surfing: How to Build a Secure WWW
    • The Technical Side of Being an Internet Service Provider
    • Using the Information Super Highway
    • Using the Nways 2220 Performance Tools
    • VisualAge Java-RMI-Smalltalk The ATM Sample from A to Z
    • Web-to-Host Integration Solutions
    • World Wide Web Access to DB2
  • Java
    • Connecting Domino to the Enterprise Using Java
    • Creating Java Applications Using NetRexx
    • Factoring JavaBeans in the Enterprise
    • From Client/Server to Network Computing, A Migration to Java
    • Java Application Development for CICS
    • Java Thin-Client Programming
    • Network Computing Framework Component Guide
    • Programming with VisualAge for Java V2
    • SanFrancisco Concepts & Facilities
    • SanFrancisco Schema Mapping: Object Persistence and Legacy Integration
    • Unlimited Enterprise Access with Java and VisualAge Generator
    • Using VisualAge for Java Enterprise V2 to Develop CORBA and EJB Applications
    • VisualAge for Java Enterprise V2 Team Support
    • VisualAge for Java Enterprise V2: Data Access Beans - Servlets - CICS Connector
  • Lotus Notes Server
    • Eight Steps to a Successful Messaging Migration: A Planning Guide to Migrating to Lotus Notes and Domino
    • Lotus Domino Release 5.0: A Developer's Handbook
    • Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0 Security Infrastructure Revealed
    • The Domino Defense: Security in Lotus Notes and Internet
  • MQSeries Server and Products
    • An Early Look at Application Considerations Involved with MQSeries (G; M2)
    • Examples of Using MQSeries on S/390, RS/6000, AS/400 and PS/2 (G; M1)
    • Examples of Using MQSeries on WWW (G; M2)
    • MQSeries Workflow Concepts, Installation Administration (G; M8)
    • Using the MQSeries Integrator V 1.0 (NEW; G; M23)
  • Netfinity
    • Case Study: Domino.Merchant Server for IBM Netfinity Servers
  • Network Computing Framework
    • IBM SecureWay Host On-Demand: Enterprise Communications in the Era of Network Computing
  • Networking and Communication Products
    • A comprehensive Guide to Virtual Private Networks, Volume I: IBM Firewall, Server and Client Solutions
    • Managing Applications with Tivoli IT Director
    • Network Management Using Nways Management Applications
    • TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
  • OS/2
    • OS/2 2.11 and Updates to OS/2 2.1
    • OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte
    • OS/2 Security Enabling Service: A Developers Guide
    • TCP/IP Implement in OS/2 Warp Environment
  • System management products
    • ADSM Client Disaster Recovery: Bare Metal Restore (G; M1)
    • ADSM Concepts (G; M1)
    • ADSM for OS/2: Advanced Topics (G; M1)
    • ADSM V2 Presentation Guide (G; M1)
    • Using ADSM Hierarchical Storage Management (G; M1)
    • Using ADSM to Back up Databases (G; M1)
    • Using ADSM to Back Up Lotus Notes (G; M1)
    • Using ADSM to Back Up OS/2 Lan Server and Warp Server (G; M1)
  • Transaction server and products
    • CICS Clients Unmasked
    • CICS Cross Platform InterSystem Communications Sample Definitions
    • CICS/VSE to CICS OS/2 and CICS/6000 A Guide to Client/Server Solutions
  • VisualAge
    • Application Development with VisualAge for Smalltalk and MQSeries
    • Connecting the Enterprise to the Internet with MQSeries and VisualAge for Java
    • Programming with VisualAge for Java
    • Using VisualAge Smalltalk ObjectExtender
    • VisualAge for Java Enterprise V2: Persistence Builder with GUIs, Servlets, and Java Server Pages
    • VisualAge Generator Advanced GUI Development Guide - Learning to Walk, Run, and then Fly!!!
    • VisualAge Generator Templates: Creating a Well-Tailored and Customized Solution
    • VisualAge Generator V3.1 System Developer Guide
    • VisualAge: Building GUIs for Existing Applications
    • World Wide Web Programming: VisualAge for C++ and Smalltalk
  • Year 2000
    • The Year 2000 and 2-Digit Dates: A Guide for Planning and Implementation
  • Roadmaps and links
Digital Library information roadmap
eCommerce Overview
EDMSuite information map
IBM Application Framework for e-business Technology roadmap
IBM Business Intelligence information map
IBM DB2 information roadmap
IBM Device Driver Kit for OS/2 Overview
IBM e-business Redbook information roadmap
IBM eNetwork software information roadmap
IBM Mobile Solutions Overview
IBM MQSeries information roadmap
IBM MQSeries Redbook information roadmap
IBM MQSeries Workflow and FlowMark information roadmap
IBM Net.Commerce information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM Net.Commerce Online Demos (M9)
IBM SanFrancisco information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM SecureWay and Communication Software information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM software for Windows NT information roadmap (G; M2)
IBM Solution Studio for Java (G; M18)
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 37, No.1, 1998 - Internet Computing
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 37, No.2, 1998 - San Francisco Frameworks
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 37, No.3, 1998 - Java Technology
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 37, No.4, 1998 - Nontopical issue
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 38, No.1, 1999 - Enterprise Solutions Structure
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 38, No. 2 & 3, 1999 - Turning Points in Computing: 1962-1999
IBM Transaction Server information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM WebSphere information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM WWW Redbook information roadmap (G; M3)
IBM XML information roadmap (NEW; G; M23)
IBM Year 2000 Redbook information roadmap (G; M3)
ICAT OS/2 Remote Source-code Debugger Overview (G; M3)
Lotus Domino Go Webserver 4.6 Samples Roadmap (M9)
Lotus Domino Overview (G; M9)
Lotus Domino Redbook information roadmap (G; M9)
OS/2 Feature Install V1.2.3 (all languages) (G; M2)
OS/2 information roadmap (G; M2)
Redbook CDROM Library Ordering Information for RISC/6000 (G; M1)
Tivoli Partner Program Overview (G; M2)

Sample code

  • Database and data management products
  • DB2 server
    • DB2 UDF for Y2K century parameter date processing (NEW; M23)
    • DB2 UDF for Y2K two digit year date processing (NEW; M23)
    • Dynamically start DB2 JDBC Applet Server service using Visual Basic (NEW; M23)
    • Insert and retrieve binary (char for bit data) using CLI (NEW; M23)
    • Working with multiple result set in VB and Java (NEW; M23)
  • DCE
    • How a client calls a server forcing a calling thread to suspend operation, allowing other threads to start
    • How to broadcast a DCE cell time
  • Developer Connection Magazine
32-bit Char_Mode APIs - Volume 3
32-bit Memory Management - Volume 10
A Servlet Architecture for IBM SanFrancisco
Buslet Sample Code - June 1998
Connecting Relational Databases to the Internet Sample Code - Dec. 1998
Don't Hesitate to Terminate - Volume 12
Dynamic Linking on OS/2 V2.X - Volume 2
EJB Development course files and lab files
Exception Management in 32-Bit OS/2 - Volume 2
Extend Your Programs with REXX - Volume 6
Filling You In: Areas, Clippings & Paths-Volume 4
Fonts R Us - Volume 5
Hello World: Part II, OpenDoc Views and Presentation Types - Volume 7
Ink PS Sample Code - Volume 11
Java Foundation Classes: Choice Panel - Dec. 1998
Java Foundation Classes: Tabbed Panes - Dec. 1998
M Shell - Volume 3
Making Your OS/2 Device Driver APM-Aware-Volume 5
Memory Mapped File I/O for OS/2 - R2V1 Sept. 1997
Monitoring Display Driver Interface Calls - Volume 6
Multithreading PM Applications - Volume 1
Mustering DCE Registry Objects with the Managed Object Class Library - Volume 10
NetObjects Fusion Components Java Sample Code
NewShow: A C++ DIVE class sample - Volume 9
One Call Does It All - Volume 7
OS/2 BootLogo Utility - Volume 6
OS/2-Win-OS/2 Communications - Volume 2
OS/2-Win-OS/2 Communications - Volume 4
OS2TUTOR - Volume 8
Pile of Class - Volume 8
PMCX - What's zat? - Volume 9
PMCX: A Combined Solution - Volume 10
Porting Windows and OS/2 based Applications to Java - R2V1 Dec. 1997
SanFrancisco CheckBook Applet - Dec. 1998
SanFrancisco CheckBook Servlet - Dec. 1998
Sharing The Parallel Port - Volume 4
Simple Animation Techniques - Volume 12
StartDos - Volume 3
T Shell - Volume 3
THE JAVA FOUNDATION CLASSES: the NEW STANDARD for Java GUI Development - R2V2 June 1998
The OS/2 Debug Kernel - Volume 4
Transform Example - Volume 3
Using Java to Bridge Domino R5 and WebSphere Sample Code - September 1999
Using the Developer API Extensions (Open32) - Volume 10
VisualAge for Java, Bean Editor Deluxe - R2V1 Mar. 1998
Workplace Shell & DSOM - Volume 6
Writing Multithreaded Graphics Programs - Volume 7
Writing Object Oriented Multimedia IO Procs - Volume 4
Writing OpenDoc Part Handlers: The Hello World Part - Volume 6
Writing Workplace Shell objects using IBM Open Class Libraries - Volume 9
  • General
  • Internet tools
    • Converting XML to HTML using XSL (NEW; G; M23)
    • Net.Commerce e-mail confirmation OFS (NEW; M23)
    • WebSphere simple session (NEW; M23)
  • Java
    • IBM SanFrancisco WebSphere Integration Sample (NEW; G; M23)
    • Java hierarchy display (NEW; M23)
    • SanFrancisco notification between java.util.Observer and SanFrancisco Entity (NEW; M23)
    • Writing Java Programs for Domino R5 Sample Code (NEW; M23)
  • MQSeries Server and Products
    • Java demonstration of syncpoint with MQSeries (NEW; M23)
  • NLS
  • ObjectRexx
   How can I run a REXX program without typing 'REXX'?
   How to handle DATES with Object REXX
   NetCentric computing with Object REXX
   Object REXX meets the Internet
  • OS/2
    • Invoke WIN-OS2 applications from PM using the WinStart App API
    • Query system for number of COM ports available
  • Transaction server and products
    • Replacement for CIC's BIF DEEDIT (NEW; M23)
  • VisualAge (VisualAge C++ Samples)
  • System management products
    • ADSM for OS/2, V2.1, Single Server Edition
  • Toolkits
    • IBM OS/2 Developer's Toolkit Version 4.5
    • Lotus Toolkit Collection Q3 '99
    • MASS: Mathmatical Acceleration SubSystem V2.3
    • Microline Widget Library (Neuron Data)
    • MQSeries for OS/2 link LotusScript Extension
    • Object REXX for OS/2 Warp 3.0
    • OS/2 LDAP Client for C and Java Version 1.0
    • The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp V4 (Japanese)
    • The Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp V4 (Merlin)
  • Transaction server and products
    • CICS Client for OS/2 V2.0.4
    • CICS Gateway for Java V2.0.1 (OS/2)
    • CICS Transaction Server for OS/2 Warp, V4.1
  • Utilities and tools
    • IBM Networks Client 4.1 for Windows 95
    • IBM Networks Primary Logon and Coordinated Client 4.2.4 for Windows NT
    • JumpKey for OS/2
    • Library Reader for OS/2
    • NetWare Client for OS/2 2.12
    • OS/2 System Trace Tools
    • OS2CALL V2.45
    • OS2TRACE V2.45
    • PMATE Version 1.02
    • PMDF Execs for Win 502 VDM and OS/2 Dump Analysis
    • PPP Server 1.0
    • REXX Pre-Processor
    • VyperHelp (Compuserve) (TRIAL)