IBM Developer Connection Release 2 Volume 2

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IBM Developer Connection Release 2 Volume 2 - CDs
IBM DevCon Advanced Rel2 Vol2 Disk01.jpg
  • CD #: 24 Member CDs / 14 Advanced CDs
  • Date: June 1998


only OS/2 related


Articles and White Papers
  • A Java Interface to the OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem
  • IBM VisualAge for Java and Domino
  • Lotus and San Francisco Business Components
  • Open Blueprint Executive Summary
  • Open Blueprint Structure and Lotus
  • Open Blueprint Structure and Tivoli
  • San Francisco Project Application Development Environment
  • San Francisco Project Technical Summary
  • SW Developers: Simplify Your Life with IBM's Open Blueprint
  • Using Net.Data with DB2 UDB
  • Using Secure Electronic Transaction with San Francisco Applications
  • VisualAge for Java and San Francisco
Communications Servers / Products
  • eNetwork Personal Communications AS/400 V4.1 for OS/2
  • eNetwork Personal Communications V4.1 for OS/2
  • eNetwork Communications Server for OS/2 Warp, V5
  • VisualAge COBOL Enterprise for OS/2 V2.2
Directory & Security Servers / Products
  • DSSeries LDAP Client for Java
Documentation & Publications
  • CORBA Support Guide
  • eNetwork Firewall 3.2 for AIX Reference Guide
  • eNetwork Firewall 3.2 for AIX User's Guide
  • eNetwork Firewall 3.2 for Windows NT Reference Guide
  • eNetwork Firewall 3.2 for Windows NT User's Guide
  • ServletExpress Web Programmer's Guide
  • Webmaster's Guide for ServletExpress


  • High-Performance Compiler for Java (OS/2)
Development Management Tools
  • VisualAge DataAtlas for OS/2 and Windows NT
Documentation & Publications
  • An Introduction to Messaging and Queueing (M1) (N)
  • Application Programming Guide (M1) (U)
  • Application Programming Reference (M1) (U)
  • Application Programming Reference Summary (M1) (N)
  • Clients (M1) (U)
  • Command Reference (M1) (U)
  • Intercommunication (M1) (N)
  • Messages (M1) (N)
  • MQSeries for AIX Server V5.0 Library (M1) (N)
  • Planning Guide (M1) (U)
  • Programmable System Management (M1) (U)
  • System Administration (M1) (N)
  • Using C++ (M1) (N)
  • Accessing the Internet (M1) (U)
  • Administering IBM DCE and DFS V2.1 for AIX and OS/2 Clients (M1) (U)
  • ADSM Client Disaster Recovery: Bare Metal Restore (M1) (N)
  • ADSM Concepts (M1) (N)
  • ADSM for OS/2: Advanced Topics (M1) (N)
  • ADSM Server for Windows NT Configuration and Recovery Examples (M1) (N)
  • AIX Application Development and How to Migrate and Enhance Your Legacy Systems (M1) (U)
  • AIX Connections for Beginners (M1) (U)
  • AIX V4.1 Software Problem Debugging (M1) (U)
  • Application Development with VisualAge for Java Enterprise (M7) (N)
  • Backup, Recovery and Availability with DB2 Parallel Ed. on RS/6000 SP (M1) (U)
  • CICS for AIX and CICS System Manager for AIX: Experiences with a Large RISC System/6000 *Scalable POWERParallel (SP) System/6000 (M1) (U)
  • Communications Solutions Guide for RS/6000 and AIX V4 (M1) (U)
  • Elements of Security: AIX 4.1 (M1) (U)
  • Encina: Because No System Is an Island (M1) (U)
  • Experiences Using DSMIT in Heterogeneous Environment and Visual Systems Manager (M1) (U)
  • Firewall Building with IBM Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway (M1) (U)
  • IBM DSS & DCE Cross-Platform Guide (M1) (U)
  • Integrating Net.Commerce with Legacy Applications (M1) (N)
  • Internet Application Development with MQSeries and Java (M1) (U)
  • Introduction to the IBM Application Development Team Suite (M3) (N)
  • Lotus Domino Server Release 4.5 on AIX Systems (M1) (U)
  • Managing One or More AIX Systems - Overview (M1) (U)
  • Olympic-Caliber Computing (M1) (U)
  • Printing for Fun and Profit Under AIX V4 (M1) (U)
  • RS/6000 SMP Enterprise Servers Architecture and Implementation (M1) (U)
  • RS/6000 SP System Management: Easy, Lean, and Mean (M1) (U)
  • TCP/IP Implement in OS/2 Warp Environment (M3) (N)
  • TeamConnection and WorkFrame Integration (M1) (N)
  • TeamConnection Unleashed (M1) (N)
  • The OS/2 Debugging Handbook (M1) (N)
  • Understanding IBM RS/6000 Performance and Sizing (M1) (U)
  • Using ADSM Hierarchical Storage Management (M1) (N)
  • Using ADSM to Back up Databases (M1) (N)
  • Using ADSM to Back Up Lotus Notes (M1)
  • Using ADSM to Back Up OS/2 Lan Server and Warp Server (M1) (N)
  • Using the Information Super Highway (M1) (U)

Transaction Series

  • CICS Client Administration V2.0.4 (M1) (U)
  • CICS Clients Gateways V2.0.3 (M1) (U)
  • CICS Clients Messages V2.0.4 (M1) (U)
  • CICS Family: Client/Server Programming (M1) (U)
  • CICS Family: OO Programming in BASIC for CICS Clients (M1) (N)
  • CICS Family: OO Programming in C++ for CICS Clients (M1) (N)
  • CICS for UNIX Clients Administration V2.0.2 (M1) (N)
  • Transaction Server for Windows NT Library (M7) (N)

FAQs and HATs

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Hints and Tips, April 1998 (M1) (N)

FixPaks, CSDs, and Service

  • OS/2 Warp V3 Fixpaks 17-35 : (English and Multi-language) (M5) (N)
  • OS/2 Warp V4 FixPaks 1-6 (English and Multi-language) (M6) (N)
  • San Francisco V1.1 Evaluation Package Fixes (M2) (N)

Internet Servers / Tools

  • Bamba 98 Encoder V1.0 (M2) (N)
  • Bamba Audio & Video for Bamba Plug-in V.099 for Win95/NT (M2) (N)
  • Bamba Plug-in for Netscape for OS/2 (M2) (N)
  • IBM Firewall IPSec Client for AIX V3.1.1 Evaluation Copy (M8) (N)
  • IRC Client for Java (M3) (U)
  • Lotus Domino Go Webserver 4.6.1 for OS/2 (40-bit) (T) (M2)
  • Net.Data V1.0.12 for OS/2 (M8)
  • Net.Data V2.0.4 for OS/2 (Beta) (T) (M8) (U)
  • Netscape Navigator (Windows NT/95, OS/2, AIX) (M2) (U)
  • PanoramIX for Windows (M2) (U)

Java Tools

  • Bamba for Java Applet for Web server (OS/2) (M3) (N)
  • Bamba for Java Applet V0.98 Windows 95/NT (M4) (N)
  • Bean Extender V2.0 (M2) (U)
  • General Purpose Applet Relay Server (Attachlet) 1.02 Beta (M2) (N)
  • Jikes Debugger V1.11 (M2) (U)
  • Jikes for OS/2 V0.32 (M2) (U)
  • Jinsight V1.0 (M1) (N)
  • PKCS11 API for Java (M8) (N)
  • Remote AWT for Java (M8) (N)
  • ServletExpress V2.1 (Beta) (M2) (N)
  • Shared Data Objects (M3) (N)
  • Snacc for Java (M2) (N)
  • The Beanery (M2) (N)
  • XML for Java (M3) (N)

MQSeries Servers / Products

  • MQSeries for OS/2 Client V5.0 (P3)
  • MQSeries for OS/2 Server V5.0 (P3)
  • MQSeries for Windows V2.1 (P4)

Newsletters and Magazines

  • Developer Connection Technical Magazine - June 98 (M1) (N)
  • Developer Connection Technical Magazine - March 98 (M1) (N)

Roadmaps and Links

  • IBM Network Computing Technology Roadmap (M1) (U)

G-Web only:

  • eCommerce Overview
  • eSuite Overview
  • IBM Device Driver Kit for OS/2 Overview
  • IBM Mobile Solutions Overview
  • IBM Solution Studio for Java
  • ICAT OS/2 Remote Source-code Debugger Overview
  • Lotus Developer Information
  • Tivoli Partner Program Overview

Sample Code

Developer Connection Magazine
  • Porting Windows and OS/2 based Applications to Java - R2V1 Dec. 1997 (M4) (N)
  • THE JAVA FOUNDATION CLASSES: the NEW STANDARD for Java GUI Development - R2V2 June 1998 (M4) (N)
  • VisualAge for Java, Bean Editor Deluxe - R2V1 Mar. 1998 (M4) (N)

Internet / Java

  • Buslet Sample Code (M2) (N)
  • Java Example Code (M4) (N)
  • VisualAge for Java and Java Connectors Workshop Samples (M4) (N)

System Management Products

  • ADSM Desktop Clients, V3.1 (P7) (N)
  • ADSM for Windows NT, V3.1 (P7) (N)


  • AS/400 Toolbox
  • IBM Device Driver Kit for OS/2 Overview (G-Web only) (N)
  • Install Toolkit for Java V1.0 (M1) (N)
  • Object REXX Toolkit for OS/2 V01.00.02 (A2) (U)
  • ViaVoice Runtime & Developer Tools V4.3 for Windows (Japanese) (A5) (N)

Transaction Servers / Products

  • CICS Client for OS/2 V2.0.4 (P1) (N)
  • Transaction Server for Windows NT Client Pack (P5) (N)
  • CICS Gateway for Java V2.0.1 (AIX, OS/2, Solaris ,Windows NT) (U)
  • CICS Transaction Server for OS/2 Warp, V4.1 (P1) (U)

Utilities and Tools

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader V3.0 for OS/2
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader V3.0.1 for AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows 95/NT
  • AIX Packaging Tools (pkgtools)

Part Numbers


CD Number: 14

  • CD1 : CS64WNA / CS64XNA / Compilers and Toolkits for AIX
  • CD2 : CS64YNA / Compilers and Toolkits for OS/2
  • CD3 : CS64ZNA / Compilers and Toolkits for OS/2
  • CD4 : CD560NA / Compilers and Toolkits for OS/2
  • CD5 : CD561NA / Compilers and Toolkits for Widnows 95 and NT
  • CD6 : CD562NA / DB2 Software Developer Kit for Other platforms
  • CD7 : CD563NA / OS/2 Warp Version 4
  • CD8 : CD564NA / Compiler for Windows
  • CD9 : CS6EUNA / CS6EVNA / Development Management Tools & Toolkits
  • CD10 : CD6MPNA / DB2 Software Developer Kits for Unix platforms
  • CD11 : CD6MQNA / DB2 Software Developer Kits for Intel and Macintosh
  • CD12 : CS72WNA / CD735NA / Toolkits
  • CD13 : CD738NA / Lotus Toolkit Collection
  • CD14 : CD75MNA / IBM Test Kit for JavaOS for Business


CD Number: 24