IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.0

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The Developer's Toolkit is a selection of language-independent build tools, productivity tools and sample programs, on-line reference information and a kernel debugger. It is designed to help the developer exploit the IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 Application Programming Interfaces (API's).

The Toolkit provides the PM Resource Compiler (RC.EXE), the IPF Compiler (IPFC), and the SOM Compiler. It also includes the API Reference in online form, sample programs that demonstrate the use of the new APIs, the required header and .LIB files, and kernel debug support.

Program No. 5621-078, Part No. 01G8925
  • 10G3355, 3.5" diskettes
  • 10G4335, 5.25" diskettes
  • 10G4431, license
  • 10G4434, add. license



  • 1993-08-31: XR06110 - ServicePak (OS/2 2.0 Base ServicePak - Level XR06100 required)


  • 291-625 - 1991-10-22 - IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 Tools for Application Development
  • ZP91-0733 - 1991-10-22 - IBM OS/2 V2.0 Tools for Application Development
  • ZP92-0400 - 1992-03-31 - OS/2 2.0, Extended Services, DDCS/2, LS 2.0, OS/2 2.0 Tools