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IBM C Set++ for OS/2 is a C/C++ development system for creating 32-bit OS/2 applications. The compiler itself appears to be a port of the C Set++ tools from AIX that were also available for OS/400, but version numbers did not match and the GUI utilities and front ends were specific to OS/2.


In addition to the compiler the system came with a visual trace analysis tool, a GUI IDE, a graphical debugger and a graphical C++ class browser. Note that as of version 2.1 the C++ compiler conforms to the AT&T Version 3. Otherwise the package is notable as the first PC C++ compiler that correctly and fully implemented templates and exceptions.


C Set++

IBM C Set++ for OS/2 82G2927 CD-ROM
  • IBM C Set++ Version 2.0 - Introduced 1993-05-31 - upgrade from IBM C Set/2 - includes:
    • IBM WorkFrame/2 Version 1.1
    • OS/2 Developer's Toolkit 2.0 + Developer's Toolkit Updates
  • IBM C Set++ Version 2.1 - Dec 1993 - Bundled with a free cut-down version of KASE:Set from Kaseworks.
    • IBM WorkFrame/2 Version 1.1
    • IBM WorkFrame/2 Version 2.1
    • OS/2 Developer's Toolkit 2.1
    • Class library support for drag/drop functions
CTC0012 - Compiler
CTL0009 - Class Library
CTS0005 - Class Library Sources

C Set++ FirstStep

IBM C Set++ FirstStep advert from 1994

A cut down version of C Set++ 2.1 intended for beginners and students, it came bundled with the 2.1 SDK, IBM WorkFrame/2 v1.1, Enhanced Editor 5.51a and a tutorial book.

IBM Bonus Bundle advert from 1994

Bonus Bundle

After the introduction of VisualAge C++ IBM continued to sell C Set++ as a part of a beginners development package.

The bundle additionally contains:

  • OS/2 2.1 for Windows
  • KASE:Set
  • and the book Experience C++.


Reference materials
  • S61G-1178-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Collection Class Library Reference
  • S61G-1179-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: User Interface Class Library Reference
  • S61G-1180-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Standard Class Library Reference
  • S61G-1181-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Programming Guide
  • S61G-1183-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: C Library Reference
  • S61G-1184-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Debugger Introduction
  • S61G-1185-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: C++ Language Reference
  • S61G-1186-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Class Library Reference Summary
  • S61G-1397-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Browser Introduction
  • S61G-1398-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Execution Trace Analyzer Introduction
  • S61G-1399-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: C Language Reference
  • S61G-1428-00 IBM C++: Workframe/2 Introduction
  • S61G-1441-00 IBM C/C++ Tools: Reference Summary
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Licence and availability

Discontinued. IBM Commercial Software


IBM Announcement Letter
  • ZP93-0183 (1993-05-11) IBM C Set++ - the latest Tools for Application development for OS/2 Version 2.0