IBM C Developer's WorkSet/2

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IBM C Developer's Workset/2 (10G2995) was the integrated development package for the IBM C Set/2 compiler in contrast to the IBM OS/2 2.0 Developer's Workbench (10G4333) which was targeted to users of other C compilers.



A popular package that bundled the IBM C Set/2 with the IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.0 and the WorkFrame/2 development environment for a price that was only a little higher than what the company charged for C Set/2 itself. It was only sold for a limited time in 1992 as an enticement to new developers, but at the time the WorkFrame/2 environment was considered a boon to development since it allowed you easily to integrate existing third party OS/2, DOS and MS Windows development tools into your working environment.