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The Assembly Language Processor (ALP) is a macro assembler from IBM that offers a native mode and a MASM 5.1 compatible mode, and indeed intended to replace the Microsoft Assembler product for use on OS/2 systems especially for driver development. ALP was available in versions for OS/2 and AIX, versions with dates later than 1995 also support a subset of the MASM 6.x language.


ALP generates standard OMF files that can be linked to produce DOS or OS/2 executables. Symbolic debugging information is compatible with IBM's source code debuggers.


  • May 1995: Version 1.03.273
  • 1996: Version 4.00.000 - IBM Developer Connection Vol. 11
  • Version 4.00.003
  • Version 4.00.004
  • Sep 1997: Version 4.00.005 - IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4
  • Latest Version: 4.00.008
  • OS/2 Warp
  • Link386 or compatible linker

Product Documentation

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  • ALP_MXG - By default the native mode on ALP is 32 bits only while the otherwise less capable MASM 5.1 emulation mode allows mixed 16/32 bit code. This patch allows you to use mixed 16/32 bit code in native ALP mode.
  • masm2alp - Utility that converts MASM projects to ALP projects.

License and availability

  • Closed source software - Available as a free download from IBM.
  • Came packaged with other IBM Compiler products.
  • Comes with the IBM Device Driver Development Kit [DDK]
  • Was available to Passport Advantage subscribers before the program was discontinued in 2005.