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Previously IDE CD-ROM (also CD-R, CD-RW, DVD) devices weres handled by IBMIDECD.FLT and all other ATAPI devices (LS-120, ZIP etc.) by IBMATAPI.FLT. Now all ATAPI devices are handled by single this driver.


Date Version Size Comments
1998-04-20 20:58 9.23
2002-10-08 17:26 10.085 39,416 bytes Extended Warm Swap Support
2003-01-17 14:52 10.095
2004-03-12 11:28 10.134 39,568 bytes


Filter driver ATAPI disks. New with Fixpaks since Fixpak 6/35 supports ATAPI Removable Media like ZIP100 and ZIP250, LS120 attached to an IDE Port. Since build 10.085 IBMATAPI.FLT is a superset of IBMIDECD.FLT. So make sure IBMIDECD.FLT is not in your config.sys.

TIP: If you have removable media drives (MO, IOMEGA, SYQUEST and others) look at remmedia.htm for a detailed removable media FAQ.


PARAMETER (since 10.085)

  • /V

Verbose Mode, displays filter status on detected and emulated devices.

  • /A:n

Specify adapter: 0 = primary, 1 = secondary, 2 = DockingStation primary, 3 = DockingStation secondary.

  • /I

Ignore adapter n specified by /A:n. Example: "/A:1 /I" secondary IDE channel will not be filtered.

  • /U:n

Specify unit: 0=master, 1=slave.

  • /!U:n

Specified unit will be ignored. Examples: "/A:1 /!U:1" ignore(not claim) slave unit on secondary IDE channel. "/A:2 /!U:0" ignore(not claim) DockingStation UltraBay.

  • /SCSI

Export IDE device as SCSI device. Can be used to emulate SCSI CD-RW device as IDE CD-RW device. Example: "/A:1 /U:0 /SCSI" will report SCSI CD device attached as secondary IDE channel master unit .

  • /TYPES:xxx

Specify device types supported by WarmSwap. x can be C=CD (CD-ROM,CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, etc), L=LS (LS-120, LS-240), Z=ZIP. Examples: "/A:1 /U:0 /TYPES:CLZ" enable swapping between CD, LS and ZIP "/A:1 /U:0 /TYPES:CZ" enable swapping only between CD and ZIP If certain device is in the UltraBay during Boot it will be enabled for swapping. /C IBMATAPI.FLT has been modified so that it no longer fills the request's S/G list with 0's for the commands without data transfer phase, even if the particular command contains a valid S/G list. To avoid possible unforeseen compatibility problems with older drivers, /C parameter disables this new behavior.

Platform Support:
OS/2 2.x OS/2 3.0 OS/2 4.0 OS/2 4.5x
Yes Yes Yes Yes