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Bus system hard disk driver, as the name implies it supports any ST-506 style PC Bus hard drive on non-Micro Channel systems, including those controlled by MFM, RLL and ESDI controllers in addition to IDE drives that follow either IBM's (ISA and some MCA) or ATA's specifications (PATA or SATA). Use this driver for PCs with PCI or ISA bus systems. See the Tips and Tricks section for more information. It supports bus mastering only on Intel chipsets, if you have a non Intel chipset I recommend to use the Danis506.add driver.

The IBM1S506 has an unaccelerated mode that theoretically allows support of any bus hard drive via a motherboard or controller card INT13 BIOS call (see also IBMINT13.I13), but in addition it has accelerated support for the following chipsets:

  • CMD Technology (Silicon Image Inc.): CMD640, CMD646, CMD648
  • Intel: 82371FB, PIIX3, ORIO, PIIX4, 82801AA, 82801AB, 82801BA
  • PC Tech: RZ1000
  • Silicon Integrated Systems: SIS630
  • VIA Technology: VT586B, VT596B, VT686A

Intel chipsets restrictions: In case there are 2 devices on a channel on any Intel 82801 chip, the top UDMA mode will be limited to UDMA 2.

VIA chipsets restrictions: All of the chipsets have a problem with 40 pin cable detection. to ensure the proper operation, please check what kind of IDE cables are used. If you have a 40 pin cable on any channel, please specify the parameter /UDMA:2 in CONFIG.SYS . Any VIA chipset, which is not in the list above, but has the same Device ID, will be detected as VIA586B and performance will be dropped down to UDMA 2.

SiS chipsets restrictions: Since there is a problem for these IDE controllers to work in UDMA mode with the secondary channel when 40 pin cable is installed, the driver will drop to PIO mode on this channel if 40 pin cable is detected. This, however, does not apply to primary channel. It is not advised to use /UDMA:x parameter on SiS IDE controllers.


Date Version Size Comment
1998-04-20 21:26 9.32 68,016 bytes Support for HDD >8.4GB
2000-10-12 10.32 adds support for CMD PCI-648 IDE Controller
2005-11-17 10.161 70,894 bytes

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