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Hyperwise Version 2.0 has several new features. Included are HTML (the WorldWide Web browser language) export; RTF (Rich Text Format) import; and enhanced search, performance, and usability functions:

HTML Export
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is exported from Hyperwise, so the result of your work can be displayed on IBM's WebExplorer.
RTF Import
Hyperwise takes existing text that is tagged in RTF format and converts it to both IPF tags and IPF's viewable format. This makes it easier to move Windows applications over to OS/2 applications.
Expanded Search
Hyperwise 2.0 has expanded its search capability to include single-character search on all lists; wildcard or asterisk replacement for missing letters in a word; marking text as a symbol in the search dialog box; and the ability to search for elements, fonts, panel styles, panel and content lists, index items, symbols, ID and group numbers, and artwork within a document.
Spell Check
Hyperwise 2.0 now has spell checking, a very necessary part of any editor.
Tutor/2 helps you build interactive tutorials. You can instruct your users how to use software at the same time they are using it.
Usability Enhancements
You can now highlight or mark a word, an element, or a whole panel with just a double-click of mouse button 1; sort the panel list in alphabetical order; display Res and Panel IDs; highlight symbols in text; control the autosave function and duration; and much more.

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