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A text mode Japanese multi-platform, ISPF editor clone that is also known as just xe, in addition to OS/2 it runs on DOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux and AIX. On top of the usual text editing and ISPF like features it has some unusual properties such as good support for Chinese and Korean scripts, and the ability to work with MVS installations as a front end not unlike the OS/2 version of ISPF, and in addition comes with tools to convert text between Unicode and local codepages.


  • Latest Windows & Linux version: 1.28c (2016-06-24)
  • Latest OS/2 version: 1.24 (2009-05-12)
  • Latest DOS version: 1.13b
  • Latest AIX version: 1.18
  • Latest Android version: 1.28/1.16


National Language Support

  • Japanese - Built in


  • Open source software released under the GPL v2


  • Mizumaki-machi