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(Do not confuse with Holger Veith)

Holger Veit studied electrical engineering and also holds a PhD degree in this area (testing of digital circuits) from University of Duisburg. He was working as a senior researcher at the GMD (Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung) at Sankt Augustin, Germany, where he is developing CAD methodologies for designing mixed hardware and software systems. His interest in OS/2 is almost a private pleasure, but he has several years of detailed experience (down to the motherboard level) with operating systems like BSD and OS/2.

Contact Information

  • e-mail: holger.veit@gmd.de (warning - delayed)
Dr. Holger Veit
FhG-AiS - Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous intelligent Systems
Schloß Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin
  • IRC: xf86os2 @ irc.gmd.de
  • ICQ: 58248814


Hacking the OS/2 kernel

  • The SESMGR API [1]
  • Thunking with DOSCALL1 [2]
  • Aurora's KEE32 API Documentation [3]
  • Dos32Profile API [4]
  • Dos32QuerySysState API [5]
  • Live and Let Die :-) (to kill immortal processes)
  • Some DevHlps IBM forgot to document [6]

Source: [7]