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VisPro/C++ offers drag and drop programming, multiple development views, including Layout, List, Event Tree and Settings views and the ability to get pop-up menus and objects. With a graphical class browser and visual database designer, VisPro/C++ generates well-structured code that is easy to read and maintain.


  • Workplace-Shell enabled drag and drop programming automatically generates the code for you. It also allows you to drag items to the printer, shredder, and Workplace Shell folders.
  • Comprehensive set of CUA '91 programming objects including: push button, radio button, checkbox, 3-state check box, list box, combo box, group box, entry field, MLE, text, graphical push buttons, spin button, value set, frame, bitmap, icon, slider, notebook and container.
  • Add-on objects
    • 3-D business graphics displays data in bar, stacked bar, pie, line and area charts
    • Formatted entry field allows users to display and edit specific formats of data
    • Spreadsheet allows users to enter and display data in typical spreadsheet format
    • Clock allows users to view time in analog, digital and military format
    • Calenadar allows users to view and interact with a traditional monthly calendar
  • Well-structured code generation gives you high quality code that is easy to read and maintain. The non-proprietary, royalty-free code can be used outisde of the VisPro development environment. VisPro supports code regeneration, which allows you to incorporate changes you have made to events and code sections outside of the VisPro environment back into VisPro.
  • Manage bitmap, icon and string resources
  • Visually set compiler, makefile and linker options and monitor compiler progress
  • Click on compiler errors to find corresponding location in VisPro editors.
  • Settings, Layout, Event Tree and List views allow you to efficiently create, change or customize your program. The Layout view provides a WYSIWG design canvas and a floating tool palette.
  • VisPro Database Designer provides a visual method for developing database applications or reverse-engineering existing databases into entity-relationship diagrams. Using the E/R diagramming tool, you drag and drop tables and relationship links into a Layout view to generate complete applications with embedded SQL. The point-and-click SQL builder allows you to easily build error-free SQL syntax statements.
  • VisPro/Objects is a SOM-based interface which allows you to create and add custom objects to the VisPro tool bar. It allows you to specify behavior, styles and methods, and generates most of the source code needed to bring the object into all VisPro environments - C, C++ and REXX. (Free to registreed users upon request.)
  • VisPro Team Administrator logs all changes to your VisPro program, including time, programmer's name, and any comment or ID included. Allows graphical compare of files and ability to rollback changes. Includes lock-out feature, read-only browsing, and form shadowing, providing dynamic update of forms.
  • User interface resource compatibility allows you to build and application with VisPro/REXX and import the interface resource to VisPro/C or VisPro/C++ and vice versa. User interface resources include bitmaps, icons, panel definitions, menus and accelerator key definitions.
  • Hot keys allow you to type a couple of characters in the event editor to automatically generate commonly-used logic structures.
  • Form styles support all OS/2 frame window styles as well as plain, sizeable and scrollable.
  • Drag/drop support enables you to add drag and drop functionality to your program.
  • Ability to provide OS/2-style (IPF) help to your program, which gives users access to your program's help file just like help for other OS/2 applications. The VisPro Help Editor provides templates for IPF tags for speed and accuracy. Compile from within the Help Editor and double-click on errors to go directly to the error. Correct and recompile without ever exiting.
  • Graphical class browser which allows you to view the IBM User Interface Class Library. You can also drag and drop methods from the library into your VisPro/C++ application.
  • Automatic generation of object and object event-handler code.

System requirements

  • OS/2 2.x or higher
  • 5Mb memory
  • 3Mb or hard disk space
  • IBM Developers Toolkit for OS/2
Supported Compilers
  • IBM VisualAge C++ (default)
  • IBM C Set++
  • MetaWare High C/C++ (also for PowerPC target)




  • It used to be commercial and later discontinued. On 2012 Dave Hock gave authorization to use it as un-supported "AS IS" freeware. Sadly the source code of this program was lost.
  • Serial Numbers: VisPro/C++ for OS/2 : VPP5015436 or VPP6019281