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DevCon OS/2 CD

The IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4 is being released prior to the OS/2 Warp Version 4 Operating System. Get a jump on developing applications for OS/2 Warp Version 4 and exploit some of the new powerful features like OpenDoc and Open32 (previously known as the IBM Developer API Extensions or DAPIE).

IBM VisualAge for BASIC is a powerful suite of application development tools built around an advanced implementation of the BASIC programming language. It's useful in creating GUI clients.

The IBM Internet Connection Server Version 4.1 for OS/2 Warp will provide all the necessary features for you to establish a World Wide Web presence on the Internet or Intranet.

IBM VisualAge for COBOL, Test for OS/2 offers you the powerful tools that support testcase preparation and execution.

Auto Test Performer enables you to automate test execution so that you can save time and reduce human errors.

Test Organizer helps you manage test cases and the overall progress of test activities.

TRSPOOL Version 1.2b extends the OS/2 system trace facility by capturing the single system trace buffer and spooling it to a cyclically used sequence of disk files.

IBM NetData for OS/2 is an application that runs on an OS/2 Web Server and allows developers to easily transform static HTML Web pages into dynamic Web applications by using Web Macros.

NetREXX is a new programming language which is a blend of REXX and Java™. The rules of syntax closely follow those of REXX, while the semantics often follow Java. It is a dialect of REXX that is as efficient and portable as Java, while preserving the philosophy and ease of use of REXX.

OS/2 Multimedia MPEG Version 1.0 is a Beta version of the system files necessary to enable single stream MPEG. Single stream MPEG is hardware that can handle both video and audio streams without requiring demultiplexing.

BfaError Reporting Tool improves error reporting in OS/2 programs. It allows the developer to display an informative error message when an error condition occurs in a program.

ObjectPM Control Pack is a set of custom controls not supplied as standard OS/2 commands. Some of these controls extend the functionality of standard OS/2 controls, while others are completely new. Because the ObjectPM Control Pack provides templates, these products can be real time savers when it comes to creating and reusing controls in your applications.


AIX JDK (Java) contains the toolkit, enhancements, and the JIT (Just in Time) compiler providing substantial improvements in Java virtual machine performance for many Java programs.

DataJoiner Gateway lets customers access many different types of databases on a server via the Internet from any client platform attached to the Web at http://aspen.stl.ibm.com/datajoiner/homepage.html

ZeroFault is an active memory analysis tool that detects and reports run-time memory problems. It works easily with any executable. See the article on page 16 for more details.

Performance Toolbox offers a wide range of easily customizable performance tools to meet your performance management needs (monitoring, analyzing and fine-tuning) for both stand-alone and networked systems to optimize the utilization of your resources.

Stalker is the first distributed UNIX™ security and accountability software for automatically detecting system misuse, intrusions, and abuse.

SCTrace is a valuable tool for system call tracing and program behavior analysis. It allows for blisteringly quick report generation of all of the function calls and system calls, with their arguments, that a program makes at run time Web site http://www.tkg.com/

FSUsage is a file system and page space monitor tool. The program will read the content of the /etc/rc fsusage file into memory. If an error occurs, an error message will be printed (stderr), and the program will exit.

AIX 4.2 White Paper brings you the 1996 perspective on AIX Version 4 enhancements.

PV, the Program Visualizer, graphically displays the behavior of a target program and the system underlying it. PV is useful for debugging and performance analysis.

Encina for AIX/6000 delivers online transaction processing (OLTP) based on a client/server model. This integrated set of five modular products, plus client code, runs on top of DCE and AIX/6000. Encina exploits and enhances both DCE and AIX/6000 by allowing you to construct a broad range of reliable, advanced OLTP applications for multivendor, DCE networks.

Xgprof Graphical User Interface for AIX produces a text file for the user to read. This text file has two parts. The flat profile is a list of functions sorted by how much time each function used. The call graph is a list or table describing the dynamic call graph. Note: Xgprof works in exactly the same way as gprof but has a graphical user interface (GUI)

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