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Henry is a "generalist/omnivore" who describes himself thusly:

Essentially, I'm a middle-aged self-employed hyphenate (writer-programmer-translator). BA in Honors English with professional experience in newspapers, radio, TV, film, book publishing. Also cultivated a strong interest in languages (read well over a dozen).

Began writing batch files and macros from the time I first started using a PC daily in the mid 80s and more recently progressed to learning compiled (Pascal, C/C++, Java) and scripting (JavaScript, HTML, Icon, Perl, Lisp) languages.

OS/2 user since late '93. Also have Win32 and Linux systems on my machines, but Warp remains my OS of choice.

Web addict since late 95, and last year installed an ethernet here (home-office) which has given me the beginnings of a hands-on understanding of network computing.


Heavily involved with Warpzilla, OS/2 port of Mozilla: maintaining our builds (emx+gcc/pgcc and VAC++), helping others build, releasing GeckOS/2 binaries and spinoffs (Netscape Portable Runtime library, stand-alone JavaScript 1.4).

Have also done work on the graphics facilities of the OS/2 version of Icon 9.3.1 as well as porting Berkeley DB.


  • J. Frentzen; H. Sobotka; D. McNair: JavaScript Annotated Archives - Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1998, ISBN 0-07-882364-1


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