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by Barbara J. Britt

Time flies, and with this issue of The Developer Connection News we're celebrating our second anniversary. Lots of great things have happened in the past year and we project lots of exciting things to happen in the year ahead.

Last year OS/2 Warp and its Internet Access Kit were a phenomenal success, providing a high-performance, robust, 32-bit desktop operating system with unprecedented access to the Internet and the World Wide Web. And at the IBM Technical Interchange in New Orleans in May, where The Developer Connection played a featured role, we announced the start of The Developer Connection's World Wide Web site (http://www.austin.ibm.com/developer/programs/DevCon.html), where you'll find a growing set of pages dedicated to programming for IBM systems.

Also, the Developer Connection family is growing - with the addition of Developer Connection products for AIX and AS/400 programmers. Our subscriber base is growing as well - we're ending our second year with 50% more subscribers than at the start! And if you count the products and tools we're shipping on Volume 8, you'll see that The Developer Connection for OS/2 has grown roughly 25% since Volume 5 (counting products, tools, and documents), while The Developer Connection for LAN Systems has doubled in size in the same time period! That's good news for the Developer Connection and good news for OS/2 also. Look for more great things in the coming months, including, of course, OS/2 Warp Connect (PowerPC Edition).

This has been a great year for awards and kudos as well. Last September, PC Magazine named us one of the Top 100 CD-ROMs and a "must have" for OS/2 development. Well, you folks already knew that. And more recently, Stacey Miller and The Developer Connection News received the Distinguished Technical Communications Award, the highest honor from the Society for Technical Communication. Congratulations, Stacey!

We've had some organizational changes as well: with this issue we welcome Lisa DeMeo as the Editor of The Developer Connection News, while Stacey Miller is now the Planner for The Developer Connection for OS/2 and Don Grunloh is the Planner for the Developer Connection Device Driver Kit. Karen Foley has taken on the role of Team Lead for the Developer Connection CD-ROMs, Jackie Walker is now handling our marketing efforts, and a new support group led by Tony Arcuri is in place and waiting for your calls and Internet messages! And since The Developer Connection for OS/2 is now the only delivery vehicle for the Developer's Toolkits for OS/2, we've brought the toolkit development team into the Developer Connection fold as well! As you can see in the photo below, our team has really grown over the past year.

Once again, we look forward to hearing from you. We're on the Web, the Internet (devcon@vnet.ibm.com), and CompuServe (GO OS2DF2). See you there!

Barbara Britt

Product Manager

The Developer Connection for OS/2

The Developer Connection Team

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