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A commercial Java based source comparison and merge tool (or diff/merge tool) that for a while was known as Guiffy SureMerge, but that name is now used for the merging feature of the tool. The tool is visual and in addition to a two or three way file comparison it has a rather advanced two/three way merge functionality, a folder diff capability alongside integrated editing and file management capabilities. Guiffy can be integrated into IDE's such as NetBeans and Eclipse (eXpert version only).

Guiffy comes in two versions, Pro and eXpert with the most advanced integration, reporting and merging features only being available in the eXpert version, all of the main comparison tools are however available in the Pro version.


  • Last known version: Guiffy Pro/eXpert v11.4 (2016-04-05)
  • Java version 1.6 or later.



Formerly shareware, now commercial software, Pro version costs USD 37.50, the eXpert version cost USD 75.