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GpfRexx is a REXX visual development environment, it was supplied in two versions, standard GpfRexx and GpfRexx Professional that bundled the optional GpfRexx Tools Extensions toolkit with the GpfRexx product, but that package could also be bought separately as an add-on.

Because it traces its origins to Gpf it has a look and feel that is somewhat stuck in OS/2 1.x PM/Windows 2.x days and was looking archaic even in the mid 90s, underneath is quite a capable REXX development system with a robust support for threads and multimedia applications that is missing from other visual REXX products.


  • 1.2 (1998)
Introduces support for OS/2 Warp Version 4 style notebooks.

Known issues

  • GpfRexx 1.2 (and presumably older versions as well) has a tendency to show screen corruption on badly behaved GRADD drivers such as the ones shipped with some versions of VirtualBox, this is a video driver issue rather than a GpfRexx problem and more of an irritant than a showstopper. You can refresh the corruption by moving the Gpf windows around.