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Gpf (GUI Programming Facility) is a GUI application development environment for Client/Server or stand-alone applications running under OS/2 PM or Windows.

Gpf offers a 3GL (C or C++) source code generator, combined with the ease of a visual programming environment. Using Gpf, simply paint the PM screens as they ought to appear and Gpf takes care of the rest. As windows, dialogues, and PM controls are created, the design hierarchy is defined. Navigation code, custom logic and context sensitive help are created and linked to objects as they are designed.

GpfTools is a Gpf design management utility, providing re-usable objects, design merging, design browsing, and automatic documentation. The VIEW facility of GpfTools permits graphical and/or textual design browsing, to any level of detail desired, providing a straightforward way to determine links between objects, actions, and Help panels.

The ACCUMULATE facility permits adding objects to a new or existing design. The paste window or 'accumulator' may contain an existing design to be added to or may start empty and be filled. Objects are copied via drag/drop and pasted into the accumulator.


The source code generator supports C, C++, and PL/I.

  • CUA '91 controls
  • SQL support, eSQL for DB2


  • 2.1 (1995)
  • GUI Programming Facility Professional Developers Toolkit (bundles Gpf 2.1 and GpfTools)
  • 2.2