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The Haskell Users Gofer System' is a Haskell interpreter, it was originally commonly known as just "Gofer" but when Gopher arrived on the scene the author started to use HUGS instead and re-booted the version number sequence but dropped the "hugsc" Haskell to C compiler that was shipped with gofer. HUGS 1.3 and later conform to the Haskell 98 standard, earlier Gofer versions have extensions that are unique to it and have never been supported by any other Haskell tools.


While the original release of HUGS had some graphic libraries, they were basic to say the least, a gent called Neil Mitchell made a Microsoft Windows only release of the package called WinHugs that not only fixed the graphical portion of the package to a great degree but also added a large number of libraries that did not ship with other HUGS versions. Per Johansson later packaged the WinHugs and his OS/2 port of the system into one package that could be run under ODIN.


Requires ODIN for full GUI functionality but also has text mode runtimes for OS/2.


Licence and availability


  • Mark P. Jones
  • Neil Mitchell - WinHugs maintainer
  • Michael Zimmermann - Original OS/2 port
  • Per Johansson - 2003 & WinHugs port