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Originally introduced as Graphical Application Workbench but name changed to General Application Workbench soon thereafter to minimise confusion, and usually only refereed to by the company as GA Workbench. GAW runs on OS/2 but is capable of generating graphical front-ends for both the Presentation Manager and Windows 3.x, GA Workbench allowed you to draw user interfaces with the program generating C code, resource files, help files, animations and SQL code for hooking up to SQL databases for client server programming. In addition the tool offers a testing environment and generated code had full support for drag and drop which was unusual on multi-platform GUI designers and tools that supported OS/2 v1.


  • Version 1 introduced in March 1992.


  • IBM C/2 compiler for OS/2 development
  • Microsoft C version 5.1 or 6 for Windows development

License and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software


  • Intersolv