Gardens Point Modula-2

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A Modula-2 development package originally implemented as a commercial product for Unix workstations in the 1980's by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia, but later ported to OS/2 32bit and available both as a commercial product and an open source package for non-commercial work. A DOS version of the compiler based on the OS/2 version was released a little bit later.

A later version of the package was released for the MS Windows CLR but it is not a full implementation and lacks support for some Modula-2 constructs such as coroutines.


  • Both the DOS and OS/2 versions require EMX 0.9 or later.

Known issues

  • Running under DOS the GPM2 toolkit expects a VCPI compatible memory manager and will only run under modern versions of Windows or other DPMI hosts if you replace the EMX extender with RSX.



Note, this release works on both OS/2 and DOS (Uses EMX as a 32-bit DOS extender)