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Also known as gmake, GNU Make is a UNIX Make clone from the GNU project. It allows to define dependencies, handles macros very easily and is quite a flexible tool for many purposes. Was very popular as a free make like tool on OS/2 a few years back, but most users have gone to the better maintained and mostly compatible CMake.


  • Last known version: GNU Make v4.2 (2016-05-22)
This version will probably compile on OS/2 if you take the OS/2 specific changes from the version below.
  • Last known OS/2 binary: GNU Make v3.8.1-r3 (2009-09-28)
There are several older GNU MAKE versions available for download at hobbes that might be more appropriate if you are either compileing an older project (EMX project for instance) or need a better grade of adaptation to using \ in paths instead of /.


  • Robert Mecklenburg: Managing Projects with GNU Make, Third Edition - O'Reilly 2004, ISBN 0-596-00610-1



Author and publisher

  • Neil Russell (Original author)
  • Free Software Foundation (Publisher)
  • Paul Smith (Current GNU Make maintainer)
  • Andreas Buening (Last known OS/2 port)