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A small but deceptively powerful programmers editor from the Japanese company Future Wave Limited.

Amongst features on offer:

  • The file size is unlimited and you can edit up to 12 files at the same time. (Up to 10,000,000 lines can be edited.)
  • Only on DBCS systems: full DBCS support, you can edit EUC and JIS encoded files.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Customizable (Environment, Key Assignment, Keyword Setting) Environments (language compiler support etc.) can be automatically changed by file extensions.
  • Syntax highlighting customizable by keywords, included definitions for C/C++, Basic, Java, Pascal and REXX
  • Support for REXX macros.
  • built in grep. (search for strings in multiple files)
  • Regular expressions can be used in Search, Replace, and grep.
  • A function to run external programs
  • Help features of APIs can be displayed with the Help of Toolkit, etc.
  • Powerful support for program development (displays a list of functions, jumps to corresponding parentheses).


Language Support

  • English - Built in.
  • Japanese - Built in.
  • Russian - Separate download, translation done by Alex Slyotov (Only works with the English edition).


  • Commercial - Shareware: US $40 or JP ¥4000 registration fee - Fully functional shareware package.



Future Wave Limited. (Est. 1996)
128-16 Shinden
Mie 518-0611

Tel: ++0595-67-0019
Fax: ++0595-67-0029