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Powerful, multi-modal in-memory text and binary file viewer and editor that is now available as freeware, originally the internal editor of FileStar/2 but later made available separately. As the program loads a file as a whole into memory it is blindingly fast but if dealing with absolutely massive files it can slow down a bit, although with modern PC's with fast processors and huge memory's this is very rarely a problem. Invaluable as a developers tool, even if not used as a main editor but rather as a utility that allows you to perform some uncommon tasks such as editing binaries and text in another codepage than the system one.

Note that as it originates as a file viewer it is not intended to be used a programmers main editor and does not offer features you would expect from that kind of editor such as syntax highlighting, IDE features or a macro language/REXX interface.

As it is one of these programs that have developed over a long time it has gained plenty of nifty little features that in some cases might not be at first glance apparent why they are useful, but some of the more unusual features include:

  • It is multi-modal so the interface changes depending on what action you are performing.
  • In addition to offering multiple MDI windows like most editors it also has detached windows that do not require a new instance of the program running, each detach window can then have up to 20 MDI windows.
  • "Collector window" where you can store "lines of interest", this is like a more powerful version of a bookmark function.
  • ASCII table allows you to change the active codepage of each open file.


  • 1.00.04
  • 1.10.00 (Jul 2011)

Macro support

  • No Macro language but a deceptively powerful and editable keyboard recording and playback macro function is included.
  • REXX is not supported.

Keyboard mappings

  • Built in: Brief
  • Customisable


  • Closed source, originally shareware, now freeware
  • Author: Jim Read