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A Lex compatible scanner generator that generates C output, has a few features over and above Lex itself which makes it the preferred tool in many modern projects from the Linux/FreeBSD world.

Development of Flex has been sporadic through the years so differences between the last OS/2 binary and the current version are not as big as they might seem at first sight and the current binary suffices for most UNIX ports that require it. Having said that porting the modern Flex version should not be an insurmountable task, but at the same time the maintainers removed all support for non-UNIX like targets a while back, so it would be best to compile it as a GCC project rather than do a fully native port.


  • Last known version: flex 2.6.0 (2015-11-17)
  • Last known OS/2 binary: flex 2.5.4 (1998-02-15)
Note that the OS/2 binary archive also contains an Microsoft Windows 32 bit binary and a build support for whole host of vintage platforms such as BeOS, Atari ST and Amiga that are missing from the official distribution.