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Fernando Silva Lozano started working as a researcher at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in 1990 when he was a college student. He was in charge of porting the X-Window Server to prototype hardware developed at UFRJ, and was one of the first brazillians with Internet Access.

He took with him all expertise from the academic world when he enteded the job market, working for IT consulting companies involved with client/server systems, object-oriented programming and networking. Fernando also took with him the original spirit of cooperation and freedom of choice that marked the academic internet, embracing the Open Systems ideal and trying to actively disseminate true knowledge (not marketing hype) among brazillian IT professionals.

Fernando has many industry certifications: IBM Certified Networking Communications Engineer (the first one in Latin America!), IBM Certified OS/2 Warp 4 & Warp Server Engineer, IBM Certified DB2 Developer & Administrator, among others, and also got RHCE and both MCSE and MCSD.

Now he works mainly with Java software development and Linux network administration, specialized in open source software solutions. He was a speaker at Java One San Francisco 2005 and 2006 besides many other Brazillian and international IT events dedicated to Java and Free Software.

Fernando Lozano was also the mantainer of the now defunct The mSQL PC Home Page (archived) dedicated to foster the development of mSQL related-tools for OS/2 and Win32 platforms.


Republishing Permission
Fernando Lozano gave permission to re-use his OS/2 articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via e-mail on November 19 of 2012.