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The Folding Text Editor (FTE) is a multi-platform programmer's folding text editor.

Gregg Young has made an updated OS/2 version that is called "enhanced FTE for OS/2" or eFTE/2 that has numerous features and OS/2 specific improvements.


  • file browser
  • buffers
  • text-mode or presentation manager
  • configuration compiler (cfte)



Note that up until around 2000 the software had fairly ordinary version numbers but the main author stopped mostly using them at 0.46.xx and started using release dates instead, current source code release is roughly 0.51.xx.

  • Last known version: 20110708 - Released as source code only
  • Last known official OS/2 binary release is 20020324 and is available in both EMX and VisualAge C++ builds, but there is an unofficial build of 20060126
  • Last known MS Windows 32 bit binary release is 20050108
  • Last known official Linux release is 20020324 and the last binary release for DOS is 20010819, but there is an unofficial 20051115 build floating around the net as fte0501.zip


Files can be opened in different modes. The default is PLAIN. Smart indent mode can be activated for C and REXX.

FTE has support for syntax colouring, code folding and syntax-aware autoindent for Ada, Assembly language, C, C++, Diff files, E-Mail files, FORTRAN, HTML, IDL, Java, LinuxDoc, Make files, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, REXX, Sh (UNIX shell scripts), SQL, TeX and Texinfo.

In addition it is relatively easy to add your own syntax support to the editor but the syntaxin mechanism of FTE presents itself as a configurable state machine.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax colouring can be configured by command colorize.





License and availability

  • Open source software released under either the Artistic License or GPL v2, older versions were under the GPL v2 only.


  • Marko Macek (Original author)
  • Darin McBride (Post 2000 updates + maintained OS/2 and AIX ports)
  • Zdeněk Kabeláč (Last known FTE maintainer)
  • Gregg Young (eFTE2 author)
  • Jeremy Cowgar
  • Lauri Nurmi
  • Timo Sirainen