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FORTH/2 is a fairly simple and straightforward implementation of Forth for OS/2, one of the few that was specifically written for the operating system and thus one of the few that supported OS/2 specific functions and API to some degree. Supplied with full source code in Microsoft Macro Assembler.


  • FORTH/2 0.40 BETA - 1994-05-22
  • Releases versions prior to this one will only work in full screen mode.
  • OS/2 2.0 or higher


  • Shareware/Open Source - Discontinued - Originally USD 20 for the first computer, USD 10 for any consequent machine.


Note, outdated contact info, here just FYI.

  • Michael A. Warot (Main programmer)
  • Brian Mathewson
  • BLUE STAR SYSTEMS (Hammond, Indiana)