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EverBlue, originally known as EverBlue/2 is an attempt to port the Xlib to OS/2, allowing X11 based clients to behave more like native OS/2 applications. The project is by now mostly dormant.

Principles of Everblue/2

(for developers)

Included XFree86 code

In the future change that to X.org code due to license reasons!?!

High-level Xlib functions can be taken from the XFree86 distribution. To lessen the amount of work needed with new XFree86 releases, we reuse entire files without changes.

At the moment we have five directories with such files

X11.dll\Xcms (colour management functions)
X11.dll\Xlc (locale functions)
X11.dll\Xmisc (mixed functions, some are not strictly unchanged!)
X11.dll\Xom (output method functions)
X11.dll\Xprop (functions dealing with window properties)

Whenever those files included "Xlibint.h", I put a forwarder into ..\..\Xlibint.h in their directories.

The root Xlibint.h is used to prevent access to unsupported low-level features. These are left-out or renamed to notsupported## (e.g. components of a struct).