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A C library with an associated C++ class library that provides a virtual file system for your applications , with available features such as support for CD-ROM-based files, programmable sector/cluster sizes from 256 bytes to 1MB, changable cache size to adapt to memory requirements, hierarchies of any depth that could be as large as the largest file supported by the host file system.

Originally in addition to OS/2, the e_Fs library supported 32 bit versions of MS Windows and the fairly clean source code means that with the exception of the graphical file explorer provided, it should port easily to other systems. Around 2002 the support for the library was extended to include support for Linux, Windows CE and Mac OS, that included full multi-threaded file operation under all systems, in a similar time frame the library was also extended to include password protection, data scrambling and other security functions.

License and availability

  • Commercial software - Discontinued