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A C library with an associated C++ class library that provides a database engine for your applications, in addition to OS/2 the e_Comm library originally supported DOS and 32 bit & 16 bit versions of MS Windows and WinOS/2. In addition to C and C++ the library provided API support for Java and Visual Basic. In addition to its own propriety database file formats the engine will work with xBase (.dbf) files, either the dBase III (Clipper) format or the format native to dBase IV.

In 2001 the engine was extended to support a subset of the SQL language and ActiveX controls in addition to the low level language interfaces it had hereto offered, the transition to SQL was made easier by the fact that the system had always supported not just all SQL datatypes but actually a superset, so you could deploy existing databases without change. A rudimentary ODBC driver was now also supported.

Around 2002 the support for the library was extended to include support for Linux, Windows CE and Mac OS, that included full multi-threaded file operation under all systems, slightly earlier than that the support for DOS and 16-bit Windows 3.x/WinOS/2 was dropped.


  • Version 3.1 - introduced in 1998
The system officially supports the following C/C++ compilers:

License and availability

  • Commercial software - Discontinued