ETH Oberon System

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ETH Oberon is a single-user, multi-tasking system with an integrated software environment that runs on bare hardware or on top of a host operating system.


The Oberon System 3 project started in 1991 for Ceres-2 target.

  • 1992: Release 2.0 (Spirit of Oberon)


There were two separate implementations of the ETH Oberon system developed for OS/2 in the 90s, first came a version of System V4 by Daniel Steiner that was distributed as shareware and appears not to have had a source release.

But there was also a slightly later release of System V2.2, this time by Taylor Hutt and featured full source code. The 2.2 version was however only available from Mr Hutt's FTP and not placed on any FTP archives and appears to have disappeared altogether, Mr Hutt also developed the COP2 Oberon-to-C translator.

Note that these two above are full environments with their own GUI and not just a compiler or a development system.




  • Source code for the is in the Public Domain, the Oberon System 4 specific version is commercial shareware.


  • Niklaus Wirth
  • Jürg Gutknecht
  • ETH
  • Daniel Steiner (V4 OS/2 Port)
  • Taylor Hutt (V2 OS/2 Port)