DualMode Library

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An open source library allowing applications to seamlessly switch between windowed and full screen operation.

The DualMode library and MGLServer are an application interface for developers to write graphical applications which can switch between full screen and windowed operation, with advanced features such as keyboard, mouse, and joystick support, frame rate timing and frameskip regulation, and palette handling.


This library can be freely distributed with or without source code. It may be used in and distributed with freeware, shareware, or commercial applications, so long as credit is given to the original author. This library may not be sold as a stand-alone package nor can it be merely wrapped by another library and sold without the presence of a commercial application utilizing it. This source code can be modified as needed, though as a courtesy to me (the original author), I'd appreciate hearing about any improvements that you've made so that I can make the library better for everyone. If you have any question about fair usage of this library, feel free to contact me directly.

  • Marty Amodeo