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This is an extension delivered in a DLL form and is intended for use with the DrDialog REXX GUI dialogs package. It provides a few new dialog functions including a progress bar and also flyover help which is missing in the base package. DrDialog Control allows to freely set colours, fonts and labels of the dialogs, and the fly over help you can set the initial display delay and overall display time as well.

  • An incremental percentage bar (DRD_PERCENTBAR) - Allows you to show the progress of a task
  • A fly-over help control (DRD_BUBBLEHELP)
  • An image control (DRD_IMAGE) which displays any image file supported by OS/2.
  • A directory picker
  • Image histogram control showing the histogram of an image
  • Some new functions are included to set the parent-child relationship between dialogs.


  • 0.1.5 - released as a full package, complete with sources
  • 0.1.6 - bug fix
  • 0.1.7 - only released as bug fixed DLL without sources, but there were no feature changes (apart from a few undocumented features) so you can just swap the DRCTL017.DLL.



Undocumented API calls
  • DRCtrlQueryPrinterInfo
  • DRCtrlQueryImageInfo
  • DRCtrlConvertImage
  • DRCtrlQuerySysValue
  • DRCtrlQueryFreemem
  • DRCtrlSleep