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DrDialog is a tool for creating and editing Presentation Manager dialogs.

With its DrRexx feature, it can be used as a complete visual programming environment for REXX based applications. It was written by David Morrill when he was working for IBM and was included with The Developer Connection for OS/2 Volume 3. It allows developers to build windowed 32-bit applications using the classic REXX language. With some modifications it can be utilised with Object REXX as well.

DrDialog is a very good tool to develop PM applications in REXX. You can use DrDialog to develop event driven REXX programs with PM GUI.


  • 3.27 (1994-04-10)


  • The slider controls of DrDialog are known to be buggy, as a workaround you can use the scrollbars instead. Thanks to Klaus Staedtler for this information.
Object REXX

"There is a problem running DrDialog programs under Object REXX if they use DrsAide (as shipped) controls. Because Object REXX parses the entire file before running, many times syntax errors which would go undetected under "Classic" REXX are in fact detected. There is just such a syntax error in the DrsAide utility.

To fix the problem:

  1. Open the DRSAIDE.RES file from the DrDialog File Menu option.
  2. Double-Click the ICONBUTTON (the only control visible other than the DIALOG). The DrRexx Code editor should appear with the ICONBUTTON section open.
  3. Click the "Drop-" tab and use the spin-button under the edit window to bring up the Class code.
  4. At the very end, on its own line, type END. Save the file. And now everything should work."

Source: Thos Davis


  • CWHelp Class - Adds a simple help system.
  • DrDialog Control - Add on for DrDialog that makes the dialogues more flexible and adds flyover help.




Discontinued freeware. Author David C. Morrill indicated that the source code of this program had been lost over time (2012-11-13). DrDialog was written in Oberon-2 using the HOPE Oberon programming environment that never got distributed outside of IBM anyway so would be of a limited use.