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This call returns information for a named pipe's specific handle state.


DosQNmPHandState (Handle, PipeHandleState)


Handle (HPIPE) - input 
Handle of the named pipe returned by DosMakeNmPipe or DosOpen.
PipeHandleState (PUSHORT) - output 
Address of the named pipe handle state:
15 - Blocking; pipe is defined as follows:
0 = Reads/Writes block if no data available.
1 = Reads/Writes return immediately if no data available.
Reads normally block until at least partial data can be returned. Writes, by default, block until all bytes requested have been written. :::Non-blocking mode (value is 1) changes this behavior as follows:
  • DosRead returns immediately with BytesRead = 0 (as defined in DosRead) if no data is available.
  • DosWrite returns immediately with BytesWritten = 0 (as defined in DosWrite) if insufficient buffer space is available in the pipe, or the entire data area is transferred.
14 - Server or requester end; end-point of named pipe shown as follows:
0 = Handle is the client end of a named pipe.
1 = Handle is the server (requester) end of a named pipe.
13-12 - Reserved.
11-10 - Type of named pipe:
00 = Pipe is a byte stream pipe.
01 = Pipe is a message stream pipe.
9-8 - Read mode:
00 = Read pipe as a byte stream.
01 = Read pipe as a message stream.
7-0 - Instance count; 8-bit count to control pipe instances. When making the first instance of a named pipe, this field specifies how many instances can be created. Instances are as follows:
1 - This can be the only instance (pipe is unique).
-1 - The number of instances is unlimited.
0 - Reserved value.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return
Return code descriptions are:
  • 0 NO_ERROR


At the serving end, the values returned by DosQNmPHandState are those originally established by DosMakeNmPipe or a subsequent DosSetNmPHandState. The values returned by the client end are those originally established by DosOpen or a subsequent DosSetNmPHandState.




USHORT  rc = DosQNmPHandState(Handle, PipeHandleState);

HPIPE   Handle;          /* Pipe handle */
PUSHORT PipeHandleState; /* Pipe handle state */

USHORT  rc;              /* return code */



PUSH   WORD    Handle          ;Pipe handle
PUSH@  WORD    PipeHandleState ;Pipe handle state (returned)
CALL   DosQNmPHandState

Returns WORD