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This call indicates whether the specified code page and font within that code page are available in the font file for the specified printer.


DosPFSVerifyFont (PrinterName, CodePage, FontID, Reserved)


PrinterName (PSZ) - input 
Address of the name of the printer that queries the code page and font switching setup.
CodePage (USHORT) - input 
Code page to validate. Values are in the range 0 through 65535.
FontID (USHORT) - input 
Font ID to validate. Values are in the range 0 through 65535. A value of 0 indicates that any font within the specified code page is acceptable.
Reserved (ULONG) - input 
Reserved must be set to zero.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return
Return values are:
  • 2 Code page not available.
  • 4 Font ID not available.
  • 10 Invalid printer name as input.
  • 13 Received code page request when code page switcher not initialized.


DosPFSVerifyFont is intended for use only by applications that replace the spooler as a print monitor and that do code page switching. Other applications should use printer IOCTLs to manipulate printer code page switching.

DosPFSVerifyFont is located in SPOOLCP.DLL (not in DOSCALLS.LIB) and requires an import statement in the module definition file. Refer to the IBM Operating System/2 Version 1.2 Building Programs, Module Definition File Statements section for information about the import statement.




USHORT  rc = DosPFSVerifyFont(PrinterName, CodePage, FontID, Reserved);

PSZ     PrinterName;   /* Printer name string */
USHORT  CodePage;      /* Code Page to validate */
USHORT  FontID;        /* Font Id to validate */
ULONG   0;             /* Reserved, set to zero */

USHORT  rc;            /* return code */



PUSH@  ASCIIZ  PrinterName   ;Printer name string
PUSH   WORD    CodePage      ;Code Page to validate
PUSH   WORD    FontID        ;Font Id to validate
PUSH   DWORD   0             ;Reserved (must be zero)
CALL   DosPFSVerifyFont

Returns WORD